Microsoft Dynamics 365 is familiar as a set of intelligent business solutions for improving operations, increasing productivity, and accelerating business revenue. Its architecture makes MS Dynamics software an essential tool for leading organizations worldwide.

Implementing Dynamics 365 is an excellent choice compared to updating your existing software or opting for a complete replacement. That said, D365 Implementation approach should be straightforward, as mistakes can cost time, money, resources, and lead to unintended consequences.

Note that Dynamics 365 should be implemented with experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners.

In this article, we discuss a few common mistakes that organizations make when implementing Dynamics 365 ERP or Dynamics 365 CRM and how to avoid them.

Excessive Customization


Everything should be balanced, and this applies to both Dynamics 365 CRM implementation and Dynamics 365 ERP implementation. The best part is that you can customize Dynamics 365 according to your business needs.

However, care must be taken to use its capabilities properly. If not, excessive customization puts additional complexity to your selected D365 CRM software or ERP software, creating disruptions to system functioning and risks to your business processes.

Dynamics 365 comes with built-in features that in most cases are enough to meet your business needs. However, customization is required to support your specific requirements.

How to avoid this?

At LITS SERVICES, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants ensure the customization process is executed with proper understanding of your business needs – all with a clear road map and transparent strategy.

We partner with you to learn what needs to be done to achieve business goals, that means customizing it to your needs with the necessary features, apps, or add-ons.

We always adopt Microsoft approved implementation standards in both the cases of implementation and customization so that you can yield the best from your investment.

Forget User Needs


Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions come with a wide range of capabilities which are not relevant for all users. The implementation team may sometimes assign roles that users may or may not want for several features. It is important to know what role users need depending on their position, so that each user has access to the features that are relevant to them.


How to avoid this?

LITS SERVICES helps you avoid such situations with a role-based implementation approach where Dynamics 365 implementation is tailored according to specific roles within your business.

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all model, the implementation is customized to suit the needs of distinct roles of users. It optimizes the system for each user’s specific responsibilities, improving efficiency within your organization.

Underrate Data Needs


The key part of Dynamics 365 Implementation is migration of data to new database. Business data is of significant value to business, and they must move to a new system properly.

There will be massive amounts of data to handle. Data migration issues can affect system performance incorrectly so before migrating the data to the new system, you must follow the right migration approach or framework.

How to avoid this?

LITS SERVICES helps you overcome data migration issues in Dynamics 365 through a systematic data migration approach. Our Microsoft Dynamics consultants perform tasks such as ensuring data synchronization with the new database and keeping your business running normally.


Why LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 Implementation?


LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Gold Partner in the UAE with years of expertise in Dynamics 365 implementation and Power Platform integration. Our technical consultants extensively cover the implementation process and ensure that it goes flawlessly. This ensures that your organizations succeed in getting the right ERP (enterprise resource planning) or CRM (customer relationship management) software that meets your needs.

As an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner, our consultants bring value to your organization through effective implementation, customization, support, and training. Our comprehensive approach ensures that Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management is tailored to your business needs.

We have experience in developing and tailoring various Dynamics solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM and individual Dynamics 365 apps to meet business sector requirements.

Apart from the UAE, LITS services cater to the needs of organizations in various countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.