Inclusion of modern technology solutions in business is essential to stay competitive in the sales game. With the rise in the digital interactions, most organizations understood the importance of implementing the technology to keep up with digital savvy customers.  

Organizations need to have a suitable sales solution to serve today’s customers in the way they want. You must embrace advanced sales solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to deliver the experience buyers seek. With Dynamics 365 Sales capabilities, sales team can build better customer engagement with more informed interaction across all digital channels.  

Enhance digital selling with sales accelerator of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 

Dynamics 365 sales enables your sales team to smartly engage with customers and help them make the best decision on their purchase. The importance of the sales accelerator, a digital selling capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales comes here.  

Sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales helps your sales team work smarter and enables them to work on the priority of leads or opportunities through customer’s preferred channels – Microsoft Teams, phone dialer and email.  

Sales team will be provided with AI-insights and recommendations based on customer’s needs and events. This helps your team to provide prompt guidance whenever customer need it.  

Sales accelerator provides an intelligent platform for sales team to minimize the time they spend on searching for the next best customer. This saves your sales team’s time and helps them focus on other important tasks.  

Sales accelerator enables your sales team to determine the next best customer or task. All the activities and events that need to happen on a particular day are organized on a smart work queue. Sales agents can easily sort and filter queue based on certain attributes. The result will show the next best action a sales agent should follow.  

Another highlight of the sales accelerator is that it provides data-driven context to sales agents. Sales agents benefit from the comprehensive view of customer data, past and current activities and insights on a single platform. This helps them to deliver the right message at the right time.  

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