Businesses across globe are facing setbacks in growth and revenue in the wake of Covid-19. The pandemic is creating new challenges for growth. Though the companies are affected in large, now they are focusing on recovery by adopting state-of-the-art technology solutions. The top challenges lie in front of them is to improve business agility, productivity and revenue. With a modern business management solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, small and medium businesses can address the challenges 

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps businesses to perform better  

Dynamics 365 Business Central helps organizations to streamline and automate business processes, improve efficiency and customer experiences. You can manage business functionalities such as sales, service, project and supply chain operations with easeThe application can handle the complexities modern businesses face and is the perfect integrated solution that is required by your business today. It creates a single source of storage for your business data across departments. The data which is stored in a single place can be accessed by your teams across departments helping to make informed decisions. Using connected data across finance, sales, accounting, and supply chain you get deep insights into your business operations.  

Adapt faster: Business Central helps organizations to adapt quickly to the changing business environments with deeper insightsThis helps to pivot quickly, change business models and devise new strategic plans.  

Work smarter: You can enhance work productivity with Office 365 productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, Excel, Word, Presentation and Outlook. This accelerates work collaboration among your teams. from different departments 

Perform better: Dynamics 365 Business Central enable business performance with continuous process improvements, real-time insights and by reacting quickly across your entire business. 

Enhance productivity and Drive Growth  

Dynamics 365 is enriched with new features that help your business adapt faster, work smarter and perform better. Users must adapt to your new business apps and processes, then only you can pivot quickly. Empowering end users is the measurement of success and Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with a welcome banner and in-app contextual help with tips to ensure your users can onboard, be productive and delivers results faster.  

Dynamics 365 Business Central enable business to collaborate smartly. It provides AI, business intelligence, and business applications all within a single cloud. These together support remote work, enhance security and reduce operational costs. By integrating Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Power Platform your business can be more productive and impactful. In the latest update interoperability with Microsoft Teams, Word and Excel has improved.  

Key Advantages of Dynamics 365 Business Central  

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central provides insights into your whole operations helping you make data-driven decisions.  
  • Automation helps to streamline workflows, helping you save time and cost. 
  • Helps you make bold financial decisions by connecting data, reports and charts from across accounting, sales, inventory and purchase teams.  
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you to streamline and optimize inventory 
  • Enhances interactions with your customers and helps you get the guidance on best cross-sell and up sell opportunities, accelerating sales productivity. 
  • You can deliver guaranteed outcomes to customers helping to improve customer satisfaction.  
  • Your sales and service team can respond quickly to customer queries. 

Deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the leading Microsoft solution provider in UAEQatar, Oman, KSA, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan & India  

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