In a dynamic retail industry, it is important to adopt a solution that provides exceptional customer experience, predict customer needs and be more affordable. Integrations between various ERP systems poses challenges and it is hard to be more customer-centric.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is fast gaining attention among large retail organizations worldwide due to its impeccable capabilities. It would enable retail businesses to deliver omnichannel commerce support, unify customer experience, optimize operations, fully engage customers and enable effective merchandising.

When you decide to optimize retail operations with Dynamics 365 Commerce, seek the guidance from Dynamics 365 experts who are good at Dynamics 365 implementation. LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Gold Partner who has in-depth experience in the various verticals of Dynamics 365.

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We go deep through the capabilities of D365 Commerce

Omnichannel support

D365 Commerce is an omnichannel commerce solution that unifies digital, in-store and back office operations on a unified interface. This updates everything on all channels simultaneously.

The result is:

Customers get seamless access to their product choice and buy without any friction, making their purchase experience simple and hassle-free. They can order online, pick up product in store or receive home delivery.

You can centrally manage promotions across all channels using omnichannel sales data.

Personalized experience

D365 Commerce efficiently manages your entire customer journey to deliver a personalized experience by offering customized product selections and full access to product catalog across all channels regardless of stock levels. With a comprehensive look into the stock, customers can purchase the products freely.

Use of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides insights into customers and this helps you deliver a seamless experience across digital and physical store fronts.

Dynamics 365 commerce provides retailers the functionality to manage inventory, enabling you to simplify replenishment, store inventory operations, inventory lookup capabilities and store stock counts.

Seamless customer engagement

D365 Commerce provides a comprehensive view of customer transactions across all channels, including the purchase products and trends. It enables employees to strengthen relationships with customers through loyalty programs and AI-driven recommendations.

The support for customer reviews, recommendations and ratings helps you improve selling opportunities. Self service options such as chatbots and virtual agents provide exceptional support to customers. Integrate Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service to accelerate sales capabilities by taking advantage of complete aspects of the customer buying journey.

Effective merchandising products and services

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides a set of capabilities to manage product categories and products, define pricing discounts, coupons and promotions, and inventory levels across channels. This opens a range of capabilities that gives customers the flexibility to purchase with their preferred payment methods and how the products be delivered.

Optimized digital commerce

D365 Commerce streamlines your commerce across digital channels. With the help of built-in web authoring tools, you can create digital ecommerce storefronts where you can manage content, promotions, inventory and pricing across physical and digital channels.

You can attract and engage more customers with your own content-driven commerce strategies and enrich B2B buying experience.

Streamline retail operations using AI

Dynamics 365 Commerce utilizes context-aware cloud intelligence for omnichannel commerce experiences and optimized back-office operations. Leverage advanced inventory management, intelligent order management, pricing and promotion to stay competitive in the challenging commerce market.

Analyze business data to get meaningful insights about your business and trends. With insights, everyone in your business can make accurate decisions that promote growth and productivity. AI (artificial intelligence) in the cloud assists in promoting your products, detecting and stopping payment frauds, efficiently reviewing user-generated ratings and feedback.

Enhance retail growth with Dynamics 365 Commerce and LITS SERVICES

With intelligent capabilities, the obvious retail solution you can pick to improve your retail business is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. As the leading omnichannel commerce solution, it gives the best shopping experience to your customers across all the physical and digital stores.

When you partner with Microsoft Gold Partners like LITS SERVICES, your business gets the best solution to meet your commerce objectives. Their Dynamics 365 professionals plan and design a solution with the right D365 Commerce licensing plan.

What licensing plans are available?

Dynamics 365 Commerce as an individual app will cost you $180 per user per month. It includes the vital capabilities to manage your retail operations across all channels. The e-commerce add-in for Dynamics 365 Commerce is available at the cost of $4,000 per month onwards. It includes the e-commerce management capabilities for D365 Commerce.

You can extend the capabilities of your D365 commerce with the integration of other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 Fraud protection and more.

Dynamics 365 experts at LITS SERVICES can provide expert guidance on the customization and integration part.

LITS SERVICES as your Dynamics 365 Implementation partner

LITS SERVICES is the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner who has experience in transforming retail enterprises with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

As a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner, our Dynamics 365 experts plan, design, customize and implement the solution to meet your business goals.

When you have decided to migrate your legacy on-premises retail solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, get professional guidance from the recognized Microsoft Gold Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.


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