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No other application delivers personalized purchasing experience than Dynamics 365 Commerce.
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Boost Customer Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Technology has become an influential force in the retail business in recent years, and its acceptance is increasing in a large way. If you want to run your business successfully, you have to elevate shopping experiences for every customer when and how they want. As technology plays a crucial role in a customer’s buying journey, it is vital to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce that delivers a complete omnichannel solution to retailers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce is a productive application from Microsoft that helps businesses to deliver exceptional retail experiences for customers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce you can build websites, connect digital and physical stores, build brand loyalty through personalized customer engagements, increase income with improved employee productivity, supply chain efficiencies, and better business outcomes.

Get the most out of your retail business with LITS SERVICES

LITS SERVICES is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce solution Provider in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and India. LITS SERVICES is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner certified in Dynamics 365 Commerce & ERP deployments. LITS SERVICES Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner transforms business as usual, improves processes and drives growth with Microsoft Technologies. We have a proven record for deploying and supporting Dynamics 365 Commerce to customers across the globe, so you can count us on to deliver better business outcomes. Together with retail experts we customize and provide you with capabilities to efficiently manage your retail operations and foster e-commerce growth. Our Dynamics 365 Commerce professionals deploy applications that in fact help to get the most of out of commerce with a unified solution.

We have successfully transformed a wide range of medium to large companies with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce solutions. Our skills in the technology makes us a preferred partner for many of the clients in their digital transformation. With easy deployment options, configurable and extensible features the application is a smarter choice that delivers a more connected retail shopping experience to customers. If you want to enhance operational efficiency, increase revenue and maximize brand value we are here to help you.

Your business can bring impactful changes through the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce partner solutions. You can go deep into the key trends and gain insights that enable you to accelerate transformation in the growing business landscape. If you long to drive growth, improve efficiency and maximize revenue, professionals, – LITS SERVICES Microsoft Gold Partner is at hand to design, customize and deploy Dynamics 365 Commerce as per your choice in in Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and India. Contact us now.

Dear Customer, Ready to talk about your next project with the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce?

How Dynamics 365 Commerce help you accelerate business transformation? 

No other application delivers personalized purchasing experience than Dynamics 365 Commerce.

  • Provides exceptional experiences across all conventional and online channels. It connects physical, in-store and back-office operations on a unified commerce platform.
  • Empowers your customers to decide how, when and where to buy products on any devices including mobiles and tablets and across online and offline channels.
  • The app provides a single view of content, promotions, inventory and pricing, making the purchase easier for customers. Dynamics 365 Commerce offers functionalities and capabilities needed by B2B businesses.
  • Manage promotions from a centralized location on all channels with real-time sales and cost data. The app allows customers to buy online, pick up in-store or receive home delivery via ordering and fulfillment tools.
  • Exceed customer expectations through customized product selections and important recommendations. Provides endless purchasing options by providing access to full product catalog whether on-store or online
Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI
  • When connected with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights you get a comprehensive view of transactions, behavioral and observational data of your customers. Build a constant relationship with your customers with AI recommendations, loyalty programs, buying templates and insights.
  • Dynamics 365 commerce has intelligent features to run your retail store smartly. Integrated web-authoring and development tools enable you to create engaging storefronts. With content-driven strategies it delivers personalized web experiences. It helps customers to search and find products easily – both on-line and in-store.
  • You can make your store more efficient and effective. Increase profitability with AI-driven recommendations of the right products and price and get an accurate view of the stock. Advanced analytics helps to make informed decisions and precisely forecast customer demand.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce FAQ’s

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a comprehensive retail solution from Microsoft that helps retail organizations to deliver better, and personalized buying experiences for customers. It allows retail businesses to create their own digital stores (Website), connect physical and digital stores, and create brand loyalty by delivering reliable engagement across online and offline channels. As the solution unifies your business and customer data, you get a complete view of your customers or partners on a single platform. This helps you better respond to your customers by understanding their needs and creating a long-lasting relationships.

Is Dynamics 365 Commerce an Omnichannel solution?

Yes, Dynamics 365 Commerce is an omnichannel solution that combines all your digital and physical touch points including call center, digital stores, back-office and physical store. This means customers can purchase products from their preferred channels, giving much convenience to their buying journey and increases brand loyalty. The best part is that you can reach your customers wherever they are. No matter where your customers are, your product or your teams are just a click, a message, or a call away. Dynamics 365 Commerce provides greater reach, improved profits, and increased customer satisfaction.

How does the Commerce solution help retailers?

Dynamics 365 Commerce streamlines retail operations by providing full visibility into distribution, inventory, sales, service and marketing systems. AI-driven recommendations empowers salespeople to highlight the right product at the right price and time. The application can be used to show product recommendations (the products that customers are interested in ) on your e-commerce website and point of sales device. Products are being displayed based on the purchase trends of customers on the physical stores and online stores.

You can centrally keep an eye on the complete aspects of products such as the information, categories and pricing across channels. Use machine learning and advanced analytics to make cost-effective inventory decisions. With insights from previous sales and purchase data, you can precisely forecast customer needs.

What are the key intelligent features available in D365 Commerce?

Retail organizations can enjoy superior intelligence capabilities. Artificial intelligence integrates retail data and processes to gain a better knowledge of your customers and organization. The AI-driven insights across customers and products helps you build trust, reduce the rate of customer attrition, and increase revenue. D365 Commerce helps you protect from payment frauds, account takeovers, discounts and returns fraud, and identify fraud patterns with intelligent fraud protection. It protects you from revenue loss and your customers with adaptive AI. You can extend the analytics capabilities with the integration of Power BI which helps you visualize data and gain insights from it.

What can you achieve through Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Create your digital store: You create digital stores of your own using built-in web authoring and development tools. With a connected marketing and commerce platform, you can manage inventory, promotions, assets and pricing of products across channels.

Exceed customer expectations: The solution provides a complete view of each customer which helps you respond to their needs at every level of interaction. This build up customer loyalty and exceed customer expectations.

Simplify operations using AI in the cloud: Optimize your back-office operations and enhance omnichannel commerce experiences using AI.

How can you buy Dynamics 365 Commerce?

You can purchase Dynamics 365 from reliable Microsoft Partners. D365 Commerce which includes capabilities to manage your retail operations is priced at $180 per user per month. Ecommerce Add-in for Dynamics 365 Commerce is available and it costs from $4000 per month.

Your Microsoft Partner helps you provide you in-depth consultation on the commerce application. Their Dynamics 365 experts would have a clear understanding of your business needs and also provide integration with other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Dynamics 365 Finance, and more. With the integration, you can expand the capabilities of application, as well as meet your business objectives. So, when you are thinking of buying any Dynamics 365 application for your business, buy it from the experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

How can I get started with D365 Commerce?

Consult with a Microsoft Partner who specializes in Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. The advantage of experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners would be that they follow a meticulous approach in a way that benefits your business. They ensure that this comprehensive retail solution can drive success with improved growth, productivity and revenue. That is the reason why it is important to employ a Microsoft Gold Partner like LITS SERVICES to get D365 Commerce deployed.