People still rely on phone service to access customer service despite the emergence of various digital channels. Whatever their reason for contacting the call center, the delivery of simple, fast, and satisfactory service is all that matters.

Organizations that want to improve their call center experience can leverage Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform, a solution that empowers customer service agents to deliver better customer service.

Create exceptional engagement with Microsoft Digital Contact Center

Here we check out the facts that make this digital solution a favorite for organizations that focus on improving call center experience.

Redefining the voice channel

Most customers might have experienced the frustrating experience of having to navigate several menu options when trying to contact a call center. IVR directs them to press various buttons to reach a live agent. This compels customers to find an alternative solution to get a satisfactory response.

Therefore, do not ruin your brand image through frustrating and even infuriating customer experiences.

With AI powered IVR, customers can present their concerns or needs in their own language and get a resolution in quick time.

Conversational IVR in the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform uses natural language understanding (NLU) to understand what customer’s needs are and resolve their issues in a satisfying manner. Customers are no longer required to wait in queues for long.

Even so, intervention of human experts will be required sometimes. Whenever human assistance is needed, the AI powered IVR’s route the calls to an available live agent.

This IVR technology, which can understand a customer’s intent from their words, patterns and tones,  improves the customer experience.

Delivering superior customer experiences

On this digital contact center platform, conversational IVR’s are enhanced with Microsoft and Nuance AI solutions. The advanced IVR system lets customers get quick assistance from a live agent. When IVR escalates a conversation to a human agent, it will pass the full context of the conversation.

Agents can get a holistic view of customers including previous purchase history, transactions, and more. This empowers agents to quickly understand customer issues and resolve them, helping to increase productivity while customers feel valued.

Intelligent routing

Conversational IVR simplifies customer experience by handling complex interactions and routine enquiries. As agents are no longer dealing with complex and routine engagements, they can use their skills for the most valued and rewarding engagements.

Conversational IVR on the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform uses intelligent routing to enhance the ability of agents to resolve customer cases efficiently and successfully. Intelligent routing routes the customers or callers for the right agent who can help efficiently.

IVR passes the call information with the context to the agent to resolve the issue quickly and reliably resolve the issue. This improves customer satisfaction and agent productivity, and reduces call center costs.

Quick and secure engagement

Biometric authentication in the IVR technology ensures fast and secure interactions. Voice biometrics in Nuance can precisely identify real and fraudsters based on the characteristics of their voice.

Authenticating callers using voice biometrics enhances security and reduces the need for agents to spend time on lengthy knowledge-based authentication processes. The modern IVR technology increases personalization while reducing the average handle time. IVR can use your data sources to get a complete view of caller transactions, purchasing history and more to personalize the experience.

Build Smart IVR applications

Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform allows you to easily create secure and conversational voicebots for the IVR that can handle everything from simple queries to complex interactions. You can develop voicebots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. You can create enterprise-grade voicebots to meet your specific business requirements and goals.

Bring voice support to a new level

With Nuance IVR and Mix, Power Virtual Agents, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you now can have a best-in-class digital platform to create superior customer and agent experiences. You can create IVR applications with intelligent routing capabilities in Dynamics 365.

Simplify your contact center experience

  • Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform simplifies the implementation of contact center with no complex IT integrations.
  • Repetitive tasks such as routine conversations and transactions can be automated.
  • Voicebots enable customers to communicate naturally, helping to solve cases efficiently and effectively.
  • Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform is scalable – it can adjust as per the changes in contact volume, agent count and service levels.

If you are looking for a comprehensive contact center and customer engagement solution, look for no solution other than Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform.

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