Salespeople should be empowered with effective sales tools to focus more on sales.


Salespeople often spend too much time dealing with data, which reduces their ability to make quality sales.

Fortunately, there is a solution that effectively uses data and empowers salespeople.

Microsoft is continuously enhancing its solutions to make a positive impact in every domain. In line with this, they have enhanced their sales solution (Dynamics 365 Sales) with robust selling features, empowering sellers to dedicate more time to actual selling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales new features will enable salespeople to focus more on their sales processes and close deals faster.

Using AI, Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Viva Sales simplifies processes for data capture, improves real-time interactions with customers, and increases salesperson efficiency and sales growth.

Find out how new features powered by AI are empowering salespeople


Work on leads that are likely to close quickly


The sales accelerator feature in Dynamics 365 facilitate sales. Sequence capability in sales accelerator simplifies makes the selling process efficient.

The Sales sequence consists of activities for salespeople. For example; a sales sequence can include pre-defined actions to complete a job, schedule a reminder or phone call, send an email and more.

A sales sequence can be linked to leads and opportunities to streamline salespeople jobs and ensure a consistent approach. Now Microsoft has enhanced this feature with AI features. With the new features rolled out, salespeople can identify customer sentiments, questions, and actions, allowing them to enrich customer interaction in a personalized way.

Moreover, salespeople can productively manage their work and stay on top of their performance with new org chart capability and update their sales pipeline with new opportunity management experience.

Facilitate collaboration and increase productivity while working

Microsoft Viva is designed for salespeople. Viva combines automation and AI capabilities that brings more power to collaboration and productivity tools like Microsoft 365 and Teams. This means that salespeople can collaborate with each other effectively with the right tools.

For example, collaboration space in Viva Sales brings together insights, apps, and right users to make the collaboration more efficient and effective. Sellers can create collaboration spaces using templates. It does not allow data to be scattered between different channels and chats, it can organize the data and use it productively among members.

Additionally, Viva Sales boosts user productivity by efficiently capturing customer data, eliminating the need for manual data entry into the system and letting salespeople focus more on selling.

The copilot feature in Viva Sales generates recommended email content for a range of scenarios. This helps salespeople to generate responses quickly.

Microsoft allows for more customization opportunities that CRM administrators can effectively use for improving efficiency of salespeople.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Dynamics 365 Sales and explore the potential for implementing it to drive your sales growth, it makes sense to reach out to experienced Microsoft Partners.

They possess a deep knowledge to provide guidance regarding the capabilities and implementation options of Dynamics 365 Sales for your specific business needs.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?


Dynamics 365 Sales, an intelligent sales solution by Microsoft, empowers your sales teams with embedded intelligence and insights to accelerate the sales process. With D365 Sales, you can efficiently manage all aspects of your sales, from tracking contacts and accounts to nurturing leads, processing orders, creating marketing campaigns, and handling service cases.

Microsoft provides a range of D365 Sales offerings, including D365 Sales Premium, D365 Sales Enterprise, Relationship Sales, and D365 Sales Professional, catering to businesses of varied sizes and requirements.

How can Dynamics 365 Sales impact your business?

Achieve customer success through collaborative teamwork


Given that sales are a collective process, it is important for sales teams to collaborate with colleagues and members of other departments to streamline the selling process. D365 Sales makes the collaboration seamless, enabling sales teams to provide customers with relevant information at every stage of the sales cycle, leading to customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive revenue growth


AI capabilities in D365 Sales provides AI-driven recommendations, enabling sales teams to prioritize deals that have a higher chance of closing quickly. This AI-powered approach allows sales teams to focus their efforts more efficiently on opportunities with greater potential for successful outcomes.

Empower your business with sales forecasting


The sales forecasting feature enables accurate prediction of sales for a specific time, providing valuable insights into the overall health of your business. By utilizing this capability, you can assess the number of opportunities likely to be won in the future, facilitating better planning and decision-making processes.

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