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Equipment service vertical solution

The Equipment service solution is an innovative service management application based on Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is devoted towards companies providing field services for equipment’s they have rented or provide service to customers requiring maintenance of their on-premise equipment’s.”

“Integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics Field service from LITS provide our clientele with the most sophisticated features for equipment service and related activities.”

  • Service request capture
  • Assign the concerned staffs
  • Dispatch the staffs
  • Contract Management
  • Execute the service

Functionalities available

Deliver the best services for your customers

  1. Mobile Solution – Your service technician will have access to the service request via a mobile interface giving them access to customer details.
  2. Technician logs- The times, costs and expenses incurred for the services rendered can be recorded by technicians and reviewed by the concerned department and sent to customer.
  3. Planning-Using planning procedures in Dynamics 365 automate the concerned procedure which provides schedules for the office staffs and dispatch staffs. The scheduling is linked to Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  4. Unified system-Service management system from LITS is a unified system which includes Marketing, Sales, HR-management and CRM modules.

Why chose LITS service management solutions?

  • Increased income and revenue
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduce your expenses
  • Provide better service quality
  • Monitor the process
  • Available anywhere via tablet or mobile devices

Scheduling– sophisticated scheduling and dispatching system which provides visibility into multiple aspects about service request and customer background to technicians.

Graphical schedule board – gives the management about ongoing services, to completed tasks, backlogs and completed schedules with color codes and automatically generated graphics.

Preventive Maintenance – Using IoT sensors fitted into equipment’s and machinery gather the performance data and using built in AI predict the faults before it takes place and provide preventive maintenance for your customers.

Centralized Data– Our solution can be implemented on your local physical servers or deployed on Azure cloud from Microsoft which ensures the data is stored in one central location with privileged access for selected employees makes it a secure feature with zero compromise on customer privacy.

Contracts– Oblige your service contracts with reminder facility, tracking of customer service history and providing timely services.

Costing and Invoicing– Estimate the costs and hours required to complete the process successfully and by using this costing data, a detailed invoice can be generated and delivered to the customer.

Deliver services proactively

  • 360 Degree View– Get complete customer data by integrating our Supply chain management and Field services modules based on Dynamics 365.
  • Customer Insights– using system generated survey forms prepared by Microsoft Power Automate get deeper customer insights and analyze this data using built in AI for future services.
  • Resource management– Simple drag and drop scheduling board and interactive Microsoft Bing maps allows the best scheduling of resources like tools, machinery and service personnel.
  • In Context helps– Empower your technicians by using Dynamics 365 guides and mixed reality tools which provides step-by-step procedures to help with maintenance and service. This ensures a SOP for conducting service and more productive time is gained in a given business day.

Additional Integrations

Our Service management solution is a natively built Dynamics 365 solution which have the ability to integrate several Dynamics 365 modules to increase the resourcefulness of each product, these integrations are highly customizable and can be scaled up anytime as they are available in cloud deployment.

  1. Dynamics Finance and Operations
  2. Dynamics Field Service
  3. Dynamics CRM
  4. Power BI

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