Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful application suite designed for enterprises of all sizes to accelerate growth and efficiency. In addition to efficiently connecting your business processes, Dynamics 365 is a cost-saving solution when deployed in the cloud.

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Dynamics 365, some quick facts               

Quick implementation: With Dynamics 365, you are using the service without installing the software on individual machines. Dynamics 365 in the cloud is easy to deploy and use.

Scalability: In cloud-based Dynamics 365, you are paying for what you use and not for the computing power or resources to run it. You can add more resources without spending on hardware as your business grows.

Up to date: You no longer need to worry about Dynamics 365 updates. Users get to work always in the updated version of the application. Not all the updates are available in the on-premises version.

Reduce costs with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises server. Deploying in the cloud helps you save on infrastructure costs – no longer need to worry about procuring necessary hardware and setting up data centers. With cloud deployment, you can avoid expenditures on managing and maintenance of hardware and data centers.

As Dynamics 365 app is hosted on Microsoft servers, Microsoft takes care of all your infrastructure. It includes implementing security measures, installing updates, and performing data backups. Dynamics 365 can be accessed through web browser, mobiles and tablets. Employees across departments can access information whenever they need and on any device.

Dynamics 365 cloud deployment open doors to many benefits.

With access to Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine learning you get a comprehensive view of business performance across all operations. BI unify data from various sources and create interactive dashboards and reports helping businesses to take well-informed decisions and drive better business results.

Microsoft Cloud services provide a disaster recovery and backup solution that ensures your data is safe and available all the time, no matter the type of interruption occurs. Even in the adverse conditions you can deliver exceptional support and experience to customers.

Dynamics 365 can be integrated with other cloud-based Microsoft productivity apps such as Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, etc. You can seamlessly access customer data, create collaborative work environments, share documents and files, and view contact history. This helps your support team to quickly resolve customer issues.

You can integrate Dynamics 365 applications with other applications available in Microsoft AppSource. AppSource is Microsoft’s online store from where you can purchase apps to add more functionalities to your Dynamics 365.

Make a stronger impact with Dynamics 365

Leading organizations worldwide implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 to capitalize on business operations across local and global markets.

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