Covid-19 presented numerous business challenges for both companies and employees worldwide. Organizations gradually begin to adapt to the challenges through remote working options and other online means. This helped businesses to realize that investing in digital technologies can bring about efficient changes to communication and collaboration. Not only it ensures business continuity and employee safety, but also helps businesses to stay competitive in the challenging market.  

To make your business work in these difficult times and communicate with customers remotely requires advanced collaboration and communication tools. Effective communication is vital to collaboration. Whether your in-house team shares updates with remote workers or to collaborate on a common project, the communication should be precise and transparent.  

As the hybrid-work model gained wide acceptance, there was an upward trend in the use of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and other productivity apps that come with Office 365. Your business can make the most out of Microsoft Teams and productivity apps with the help of reliable Microsoft 365 partners 

LITS SERVICES has extensive expertise in transforming business experiences via a host of Microsoft technologies. We empower your employees to do their best work from anywhere on any device with the right Microsoft 365 license. LITS SERVICES is a recognized Microsoft 365 partner in the Middle East that has helped businesses of all sizes to experience a new level of productivity, communication and collaboration through Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive and more. We help you realize productivity and growth through these apps.  

Productive apps in Microsoft 365.  

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaborative tool that comes with Microsoft 365 Suite products. Your teams can chat one-on-one or in a defined group, make video and audio calls, collaborate on documents and files real-time, conduct productive meetings and record meetings and more – all in one place.  

Microsoft Teams ensures a secured platform where you can efficiently communicate and collaborate with in-house teams or outside of your business on any device, anywhere. Therefore, this collaborative app is useful for employees working in remote locations.  

Microsoft Outlook  

Outlook has impressive features that take your email communication to a new level. Employees can be more productive and connected on the go and wherever they are ensuring they never miss out relevant emails. Users can chat in real-time right from their Outlook account with Skype and easily collaborate with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Cortana intelligence provides insights into meetings and helps users to find the right room for meeting.  

Microsoft Excel 

Excel organizes your data intelligently and presents it in compelling ways. You can share workbook with others on the go and explore the wealth of information contained in the data using text analysis. Users can create professional spreadsheets in quick time and more. Excel efficiently identifies the trends and patterns from the data helping you  

Microsoft SharePoint 

SharePoint is a cloud-based document management service that helps businesses to share content and applications to empower workforce, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the enterprise. Your team can collaborate effortlessly across any devices including PC’s, Macs, and mobile devices, from anywhere, anytime. Users can quickly find information and get deep insights to make informed decisions.  

Microsoft OneDrive  

OneDrive is a cloud storage service designed for businesses. Your teams can share and collaborate on files from anywhere, anytime. Easily store shared files from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint in OneDrive. You can store, access, and discover individual or shared files, from all your devices. Your teams can securely share and collaborate in real-time using Word, PowerPoint and Excel across mobile, web and PC’s.  

Microsoft Apps delivers the most secure and productive experience for businesses allowing teams to collaborate in real-time from anywhere, anytime. By deploying the right Microsoft 365 license you can make use of the capabilities of apps to turn challenges into opportunities. Remote workers can seamlessly collaborate on files, edit in real-time and co-author with colleagues on any device.  

Another way to secure and make your business more productive in the challenging times is to migrate to Microsoft Cloud. Organizations migrating to Microsoft cloud can be able to overcome the challenges posed by Pandemic. As the leading Microsoft Gold Partner and Dynamics 365 ConsultantLITS SERVICES helps you migrate to Microsoft Cloud.  

We are the leading Microsoft Office 365 partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, and India. We carefully bring in transformative changes to your workplace by unleashing the capabilities that Microsoft 365 provides.