Be far superior to your competitors with “Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM”

The adoption rate of CRM software is phenomenally on the rise. One of the important factors that makes a CRM best CRM is the ease of use and flexibility. Today, enterprises are adopting CRM to better interact with customers and build up long-lasting relationships. Investing in an effective Customer Relationship Management solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is worthwhile, as it delivers amazing customer experiences and helps organizations become more productive than your competitors.

How can Dynamics 365 can help your business beat competitors in 2021?

Dynamics 365 offers in-depth insights about your business than other CRM solutions available in the market. It comes with a wealth of features that help you streamline core business functions including sales, marketing, financials, accounting, supply chain and more. The solution helps businesses to deliver the highest possible value and increase resilience and stability while improving the operational excellence. Here are some highlights of how Dynamics 365 turn out to be the right solution for your business.

Azure Power

Dynamics 365 is built on the leading cloud computing service from Microsoft. Your business can take advantage of the benefits that the cloud platform offers – you can save big on data storage, meet the growing business challenges, increased data security, mobile accessibility, greater access, better collaboration, make smarter decisions and high performance.

Unified Experience

Dynamics 365 ensures your customers get a unified experience. The good part is that your agents can interact with customers through various channels including voice chat, SMS, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and more from a unified desktop interface. The platform offers many tools, knowledge articles, AI powered chatbots to quickly resolve issues thus saving time for your employees.


You can seamlessly manage your core business operations under one roof with Dynamics 365. It includes the applications that help you manage finance, sales, customer service, supply chain and others. This eliminates the need for having individual software for running business functions. Dynamics 365 applications can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. You can choose modules that are relevant to business and as the business grows, you can add modules depending on the changing needs.

Better Integration

Most of the CRM’s require coding to conform to the software requirements. Dynamics 365 doesn’t need any coding, as it comes with a variety of tools to make seamless integration with Microsoft productivity apps and third-party apps. Dynamics 365 can be easily integrated with other systems, software and applications from all major vendors.

Supports other Microsoft products

Most organizations use Outlook 365, office suite, SharePoint, and SQL server. Dynamics 365 being a Microsoft product doesn’t require any plug-ins to integrate with these Microsoft tools and solutions. The support of these Microsoft tools helps your business to have a competitive environment.

Helps find right customers

Dynamics 365 helps agents to find the right customers by making use of the intelligent tools. Agents get the unified view of customers so that they can find and engage with right customers. It also helps to convert the leads into customers. It gives your workforce more time to engage with their customers. Automation works across sales; customer service and marketing will free up your teams that allows more communication time with prospective customers and strengthen relationships.

Cost Benefits

Dynamics 365 is a cost-effective solution that you can rely on. When compared to the functionalities provided by its competitors, Dynamics 365 application is at the most influential position that is offered at a lower price.

Get Dynamics 365 advantage

With advanced features and intelligent tools Dynamics 365 create a more positive impact to your business in 2021. Dynamics 365 helps to uncover and maximize workforce efficiency through proper planning and execution. It provides a more connected experience between teams, departments and technology platforms. Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications ensure your workforce deliver proactive experiences always and smartly engage with customers. Being the leading Dynamics 365 Consultant in UAE, LITS Services help organizations to be far superior to its competitors. Combining Microsoft office productivity tools, customer management tools, business intelligence and analytics tools, we deliver customized cloud or on-premises solutions in accordance with your needs, specifications and budget. The solutions offer seamless coordination, easy communication, anywhere and anytime access, comprehensive work collaboration, and state of the art security features and more.