Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have become an integral part for most organizations. They are known to be a successful step towards digital transformation.


ERP project success in an organization depends on various aspects. A successful ERP project implementation ensures that organizations can streamline their operations and achieve business goals.

If you consider the situation differently, a successful ERP project may not go as planned for several reasons. What if ERP project implementation suffers setbacks? Will it still be completed successfully? These questions naturally arise. However, the solution lies in project recovery.

ERP Project Recovery


Failed ERP project implementation will derail an organization’s digital transformation goals.

According to research, ERP projects may experience implementation failure due to various reasons. From poorly defined system requirements to a lack of budget and effective planning, there are numerous factors that contribute to project failure.

Why pull back your efforts and suffer unnecessary costs in your ERP implementation when project recovery offers a solution? 

When faced with implementation challenges, the solution is not to terminate your ERP project. Through successful project recovery.

If you face challenges in achieving project success, you can overcome the hurdles with the support of an ERP partner. They can successfully restore a failed implementation through successful project recovery.

Facing challenges with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation? Get the support from leading Dynamics 365 project recovery specialists.


LITS SERVICES is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 project recovery specialist that can help you save your Dynamics 365 ERP project.

As an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, we adopt a proactive approach in delivering comprehensive support and expertise for the success of your ERP implementation project, helping in the improvement of business performance and cost savings.

We offer project recovery services to ensure your ERP project is back on track, helping you save costs. You can trust in our expertise for successful Dynamics 365 project recovery.


Few Possible Reasons for Project Failure


  • Poor planning and execution: Your partner might have failed in setting the scope, budget, schedule, and quality standards.
  • Lack of participation: Lack of active participation from end users or the project team may have led to failure.
  • Ineffective risk management: Implementation might have failed in identifying and monitoring the potential risks that could affect the project outcomes and goals.
  • Insufficient resources: Another factor contributing to project failure is the lack of adequate resources, such as financial, material, human, and technological resources.
  • Lacking standard features or capabilities: Lack of proper understanding and non-incorporation of required ERP features can lead to project failure.
  • External factors: An ERP project can fail due to external factors that are beyond the control of the ERP project manager and team.

As Dynamics 365 Project recovery specialists, we identify the reasons for the project failure and facilitate recovery steps to restore complete Dynamics 365 ERP functioning. The process goes through steps that focus mainly on problem areas to prevent errors from occurring.


Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery


Our project recovery service follows a proactive recovery model that begins with understanding project information, identifying issues linked to project users, and adopting a strategic approach.

We closely monitor various factors contributing to the failure and curate a highly detailed and proven strategy that ensures project success aligned with your business requirements. Here we go into detail.

Deeper understanding


Our Dynamics 365 project recovery specialists go the extra mile to understand why your project has failed. Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the existing state of the ERP implementation and devises a plan to identify gaps and overcome implementation challenges.



We understand the extent of the issues causing the project failure and prioritize areas that need attention. Our team then creates a strategic recovery plan with a deeper understanding of your business processes and works on the pressing issues with clear objectives.


Project Recovery


Our Dynamics 365 Project recovery specialists work on the failed ERP project with the strategically created recovery plan. By focusing on the implementation gaps and existing issues linked to users and within your business, they ensure Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP is successfully implemented and optimized to your business needs.

Implementation and Go-live


After a successful project recovery, the ERP is ready to be deployed and go live. Once the project is live within your business environment, we closely monitor for any imperfections and check if the system seamlessly meets your business requirements.



After a successful deployment, we extend our assistance to address any issues that arise post-implementation. Moreover, our Dynamics consultants constantly monitor the system and provide guidance on optimizing Dynamics 365 for better performance.


Why LITS SERVICES for Microsoft Dynamics Project Recovery?


At LITS SERVICES, we have extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With expertise in various aspects of Microsoft Dynamics across multiple sectors and countries, we are the reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner you can count on for your Dynamics 365 Project recovery service and implementation.

  • We have created success in Dynamics project recovery for clients whose projects have been initiated by other ERP implementation partners.
  • We bring our customers to the winning track with a 100% success rate in Dynamics project recovery and Dynamics 365 implementation.
  • We have a high success rate in delivering services that match our clients’ business requirements, interests, and budget.


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