Customer service professionals need to nurture relationships, win customer trust and loyalty to be successful. To meet customer expectations, organizations are looking to create highly personalized experiences by leveraging advanced solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. With Dynamics 365 Marketing solution, you not only create customer-led experiences, but also can reach customers no matter where they are, across digital and physical channels. AI capabilities and data makes it easier to achieve personalized customer engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a comprehensive marketing automation solution that elevates customer experiences, enabling organizations to strengthen relationships and loyalty by orchestrating personalized journeys across all touchpoints. When you decide to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing for your business, it is worth it to depend on the expertise of reliable Microsoft certified partners.

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Engage your customers across all customer touchpoints

Here are the ways Dynamics 365 marketing will help you engage and respond to your customers in the moments they want to engage.

Connect instantly with mobile users: If you want to engage customers in moments that matter, you must connect with mobile users. Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to send SMS messages through mobile channels like Twilio and TeleSign, enabling your marketing teams to send quick, transactional communications and marketing messages. This marketing capability is possible through the integration of Dynamics 365 marketing with Twilio and TeleSign channels.

Reach out to more customers: To reach your customers, you must be able to respond to them whenever they want to engage. This increases the chances of turning prospects into customers. Dynamics 365 marketing allows you to scale customer engagement by sending up to 100 million outbound communications as email, push notifications or SMS per month to a maximum of 20 million contacts using real-time customer journeys.                    

Personalize emails: To personalize email communication you can include a set of related data to the person receiving the email. For example, you can include a list of items your customer has purchased in the order confirmation mail. Using email editor optimized for an efficient workflow, you can create compelling and relevant content specific to brand promotions or others.

Make faster decisions using analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence): Use AI-suggested ideas to automatically create content for your emails and deliver impactful content to your customers. The automated ideas are based on the recent emails and key point sent by you.  You can take advantage of the new editor in Dynamics 365 Marketing that allows you to optimize the performance of your emails.

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