In the digital era, organizations have various ways to flourish their businesses. It is related to how you are going to take advantage of new growth opportunities to expand.

Customers are expecting a frictionless experience when making a purchase via online or in-store. In an era where all businesses are digital, providing the best customer experience possible is key to attracting and retaining customers.

Technology helps you meet customer expectations by allowing you to do business through every medium/channel. Customers when receiving such delightful experiences across different channels, they feel elated to visit you again. They even recommend your brand to their friends and relatives.

Your commerce experience needs to be more smart to drive growth and revenue.

For the best customer experience, you need to have the following

  • Reliable customer data and your product
  • Unified buying experience across all channels
  • Unified view of inventory
  • Offer various fulfillment options

To achieve this, intelligent commerce solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce needs to be used.

LITS SERVICES approach to intelligent commerce

We partner with Microsoft to transform commerce via intelligent commerce solution called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. As the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in UAE, we help you deploy omnichannel commerce solution to activate new business opportunities, organizational efficiency and enrich customer experiences.

We are also the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India.

Intelligent Commerce to accelerate business revenue

Omnichannel + Digital Commerce = Intelligence commerce.

Adopting retail solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is a better way to fill the gaps in your commerce strategy. As it is both the omnichannel and digital commerce solution, D365 Commerce helps you meet your customer expectations with unprecedented shopping experiences across various channels. It uses AI technology to deliver the best experience possible.

What is omnichannel retail?

Omnichannel retail combines all the traditional and emerging channels to deliver seamless shopping experiences to customers. In this retail strategy customers can interact with various channels to make seamless purchase. For example, customers can buy as per their choice, i.e., via mobile, in-store or online, or desktop.

What is digital commerce?

Digital commerce allows customers to purchase their desired products via online channels. It is an effective marketing tool that your business can take advantage of to drive revenue and growth.

How Dynamics 365 Commerce benefits your retail business?

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a smart omnichannel retail solution that help your business thrive in the modern retail landscape with capabilities like intelligent commerce, digital commerce and more.

Take advantage of AI-driven intelligent commerce:

AI-driven intelligent commerce in Dynamics 365 Commerce helps businesses transform commerce via a range of capabilities. It allows you to grow business with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities – cross-sell and up-sell your products using AI-based recommendations. This helps customers to find products that are important to them.

Cross-selling is a selling method in which a different or related product will be put up for sale along with the customer’s primary purchase. And in the case of up-selling, the customer is persuaded to buy an expensive version of the chosen product.

Cross-selling and up-selling accelerates customer experience, improves business revenue, broadens the choice of products or services, provides convenience and flexibility and more.       

AI to increase customer conversions.

AI generated ratings and review capability in Dynamics 365 Commerce helps to enhance product selection and purchasing decisions. Good ratings and reviews are essential to woo customers and improve customer retention rate.

Utilize context aware search facility that helps customers discover products easily. The context-aware product search is powered with Microsoft cloud search service called Azure Cognitive Search. And Dynamics 365 Commerce offers authoring tools and Accessibility insights to ensure customers have full access to page contents.

Fraud protection

Dynamics 365 Commerce works with Dynamics 365 Fraud protection to safeguard you against payment fraud, account takeover and other payment anomalies. You can get the integration with the help of Dynamics 365 Partners.

Utilize Digital Commerce capability

Dynamics 365 Commerce allows you to set up and launch your own website using visual page builder. It even provides ways to link the website to your existing online store. You can improve web experience with engaging content, images and other design elements to better engage site visitors. Improve your customer strategies with personalized web experiences.

Get a centralized view of everything including stock, products, pricing and promotions across all channels (physical and online channels). You can test your digital commerce platform by utilizing A/B testing and personalization tools. It allows you to test and personalize your digital channels. Dynamics 365 Commerce provides rich capabilities to empower B2B purchasing experience.

Dynamics 365 Commerce’s intelligent commerce and digital commerce capabilities are powerful enough to exceed customer’s expectations. Besides these, it offers many other capabilities to modernize your retail operations and deliver connected experience to customers.

To expand capabilities, the application can be integrated with other Dynamics 365 applications including Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and others.

So, when it comes to implementing the intelligent commerce solution, get expert guidance from reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

Take your business to the next level with LITS SERVICES

You can buy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce from LITS SERVICES, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners. Our Dynamics 365 experts will help you choose the right D365 Commerce license plan and deploy as per your needs and preferences.

We have a committed team of Dynamics 365 consultants who can deploy the powerful retail solution as per your needs. We are also experts in Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 ERP, Microsoft 365, and Azure cloud services.

What we offer:

  • Consulting: D365 consultants offers expert guidance every step of the way
  • Customization: Customize as per your needs to help you gain insights from .
  • End-to-end support: Dedicated D365 professionals provide comprehensive support

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