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Iperius backup is a top of the line backup software company providing solutions designed for desktops and servers, Iperius is trusted by thousands of companies in more than 160 countries. Iperius backup is a user friendly software solution with very powerful pro level capabilities within a simple UI.

“Accidental file deletion is a cause of concern for any company- IPERIUS BACKUP  is the go to software for making file backups to avoid any disruption of service due to accidental deletions, workplace disasters or even theft.”

Iperius Backup Desktop

“Lite on resources, but yet a comprehensive backup solution for Windows devices.”

Iperius Backup Desktop is optimal recourse solution for enterprises looking for flexible backup solution which is inexpensive but can protect your data under any circumstances. Iperius Backup comes with  what is known as perpetual license which entitles the users for free life time support and updates.

Key Features

Disk Image

  • Disk Image– Make exact copies of your hard drives to take backup without having to reinstall the OS and related applications.
  • Hard Drive Cloning-P2V– Use Iperius to clone a hard disk and restore it to another disk allowing you to use the exact copy of windows on Hyper-V virtual machine.
  • Automatic– Automated backup based on customer settings at regular interval set by the user.
  • Online backup– Perform backup of your data to Google drives, FTP servers, perform website updates or even automatically download whole website.


  • Virtual Machine Backup
    The complete solution to protect your virtual machines – Hyper-V/ ESXi and vSphere Hypervisor is supported, perform hot backups to NAS or Tape devices in a fully automatic system.
  • Database Backup
    Iperius Backup allows you to make backup of all major databases such as SQL Server, SQL Express, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
  • Iperius Tape
    Powerful and easy to use tape backup software, use tape backup to create compressed files amounting many hundreds of GB’s into an encrypted zip file single tape to make your data backup more secure.

Iperius Console

Iperius console is a centralized security management software which is integrated with other products of Iperius backup suite. Iperis console saves time and resources by monitoring the Iperius backup installations and health of your data protection.

Centralized backup monitoring, with statistics, error notifications and warnings.”

Main Features

  • Comprehensive reports and error details.
  • PUSH notifications on users mobile regarding backups and system health.
  • Real time hardware and software monitoring
  • Possibility to run backups remotely
  • Management of workgroups, computer and Jobs

“Have an eagle’s eye perspective over backup and IT infrastructure”

  • Intelligent Dashboard facility
  • Warning about Data backups that is pending
  • Available on Android and iOS

Iperius Backup is the most convenient and the most inexpensive solution to backup and protect your data and IT infrastructure through its Lifetime valid user license with guaranteed future updates and support. Contact LITS sales representative to know more about Iperius Backup products and solutions.

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