Retail is fast changing. It is paramount for retail organizations to be more successful than their competitors.


Meeting changing consumer shopping trends, overcoming supply chain disruptions, and addressing inventory challenges remain key concerns among others for today’s retail businesses.

What needs to be done to overcome retail challenges? Will modern retail solutions help? If so, what is the ideal solution and whom should you approach?

This blog highlights the benefits of adopting cloud-based retail solutions and the importance of approaching experienced and reliable Microsoft partners.


Begin Your Retail Success with leading Microsoft Partners.


LITS SERVICES’ experience as a Microsoft Gold Partner has paved the path to digitalization for various organizations in different industries across the Middle East and other countries.

Our expertise in transforming businesses through Microsoft technologies across all sectors, including retail, is indispensable. This has helped us earn the trust of many leading companies in the Middle East as a trustworthy Microsoft solution provider.

With many successful stories to our credit, we help you fulfil your retail goals with the industry-leading Microsoft Cloud for Retail or the LITS RETAIL solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP.

Our bespoke retail solution, LITS RETAIL helps you overcome challenges in inventory management, meeting customer demands, employee management, and more.


What sets LITS RETAIL Solution apart?


Enhance Operational Efficiency and Sales


  • Support Mobile POS enabling to complete sales transactions quickly.
  • Reduce transaction times, simplify check-out processes, and improve customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Upsell products, offer personalized recommendations, and make effective sales
  • Empower agents to generate more leads, nurture sales leads with effective engagement, and close sales deals faster.
  • Deliver omnichannel experience across online and offline sales channels


Overcome Inventory challenges


  • Provides automated features for reordering and procurement
  • Barcode scanning optimizes inventory process with efficient tracking of inventory
  • Stock control ensures optimal stock levels in warehouses, and other inventory locations
  • Predict demand and schedule orders

Manage Finance Effectively


  • Simplify finance management with AI features
  • Manage finance with intelligent forecasting
  • Predict customer payments
  • Simplify budgeting process with intelligent budget feature
  • Manage refund processes automatically, and reduce the need for manual intervention


Manage employees better


  • Properly schedule work shift for staff based on their availability
  • Precisely record employee entry, exit time and track their efficiency and progress
  • Payroll management feature optimizes employee payment processes
  • Detailed background information database allows managers to take suitable decisions regarding employee allocation.
  • The self-service feature allows employees to access their information, increasing satisfaction and trust.

Make confident decisions with data insights


  • Analytics features interpret and analyze data to generate insights
  • Share insights across departments and users to make meaningful decisions
  • Improve sales performance, deliver personalized services to customers, and strategize marketing campaigns with insights

LITS Retail encompasses essential capabilities that address your retail pain points. Reliable as the best point-of-sale system, LITS RETAIL gives you an edge by offering

  • Seamless transactions for both sales agents and customers
  • Simplifying check-out processes
  • Generating accurate reports
  • Maintaining price consistency
  • Providing real-time inventory updates
  • Reducing human errors.

In addition, this inventory management software, which can address today’s inventory management challenges, helps you stay on top of inventory, ensuring adequate  stock levels.

Why should you partner with LITS SERVICES?


LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Gold Partner with years of expertise in providing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions and vertical solutions to organizations of all sizes and types.

Our tailored retail inventory management system is designed to address today’s retail business needs and challenges by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail with advanced inventory management features. It effectively combines AI, automation, analytics, and reporting.

This retail stock management system benefits from the professional expertise of Dynamics 365 consultants and functional consultants with deep industry expertise in inventory management and other core retail activities.

With a thorough understanding of your retail operations, we implement the LITS RETAIL Solution, followed by comprehensive support, integration, and user training. This scalable solution is customizable to accommodate your evolving retail needs, ensuring it meets your business objectives.

Get off to a good start with LITS SERVICES.


If you are looking to strengthen your retail operations with proper inventory management and grow your sales and customer base, a retail solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP would be the perfect choice.

Our professional team offers expert consultation on what the retail solution can offer, how it benefits your business, and how inventory management can be optimized.

Following detailed discussions with your business analysts, project leaders, and decision-makers, we move forward to the next phase of implementation and integration.


Why hesitate to implement the best retail management software? Connect with our professionals today!


1. What makes LITS RETAIL the ideal solution for modern retail challenges?

LITS RETAIL, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, offers comprehensive features for inventory management, finance, employee management, and data insights, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced sales performance.

2. How does LITS RETAIL improve inventory management?

Our solution provides automated reordering, efficient barcode scanning, stock control, and demand prediction, ensuring optimal inventory levels and minimizing stock shortages.

3. Can LITS RETAIL support omnichannel retail operations?

Yes, LITS RETAIL delivers a unified experience across online and offline sales channels, enabling smooth transactions, consistent pricing, and real-time inventory updates.

4. What are the financial management benefits of using LITS RETAIL?

LITS RETAIL simplifies finance management with AI-driven forecasting, intelligent budgeting, automatic refund processes, and accurate customer payment predictions, reducing the need for manual interventions.

5. How does LITS RETAIL enhance employee management?

Our solution helps schedule work shifts, track employee efficiency, manage payroll, and provide a self-service portal for employees to access their information, boosting satisfaction and productivity.

6. Why should we choose LITS SERVICES as our retail solution provider?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, LITS SERVICES combines deep industry expertise with advanced Microsoft technologies, offering tailored solutions, expert consultation, and comprehensive support to ensure your retail success.