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“Unified Commerce Solution for the Retail Business”

LS retail is a unified commerce solution that covers up all the operational, sales and financial management features related with retail business. It is built over Dynamics 365 Business Central. LITS SERVICES is a highly trusted LS Retail Partner UAE, Qatar, KSA, Oman, Kuwait and other parts of world. Our expertise in LS Retailimplementation is remarkable.



  • ePOS / mPOS for stationary & Mobile Devices
  • Clientele POS: Access detailed information, provide customized sales advices, product compatibility across all branches.
  • Diminishes Out-of-Stock Sales loss by updated POS inventory information from other branches


  • Import large item lists from vendors including item number, category, name, barcode, etc.
  • Organize products in multilevel hierarchy and groups
  • Customized offers and promotion design and management
  • Assign unique attributes for different items


  • Automated planning tools to manage purchase, seasonal purchase, store item allocation, buffer quantities to warehouse
  • Save time by automating basic replenishment tasks, forecasting and calculations including lower item stock cost, item distribution etc.
  • Open-to-buy functionality integrated to maintain control over product availability, manage sales and purchase budget etc.


  • Automated salary management and commission calculation tools
  • Reduced effort with AI integrated functionalities
  • Error identification and resolution
  • Inter team communication through MS Teams 


  • Tool to track KPIs and build customized dashboard with KPI tracking attributes
  • Graphical visualization of all reports to give a quick insight
  • Cloud and on-premises BI integrated reports that aids you in planning for increased sales and profit.


  • Easy integration with 3rd party eCommerce builder platforms
  • Responsive platform enables flawless usage from any devices
  • Machine learning technology integrated enables effective purchase recommendations
  • ERP communication enable the pull up of real time information and update including price, stock etc.

LS Retail Partner UAE,Qatar, KSA, Oman, Kuwait etc

LS Retail solution from LITS SERVICES enables our retail business owners to empower with a unified solution which includes all functionalities to make their business run smooth. We provide the installation, customization, and support services with utmost professionality.