Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Saudi Arabia
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Saudi Arabia

Achieve a competitive advantage in the expanding Saudi market with the right ERP solution

Organizations can shine in the strongly positive Saudi Arabian business environment by adopting right technology solution.

ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are well-suited for businesses seeking to enhance their growth in the Saudi Arabian market.

To unlock the full potential of Microsoft ERP, it is necessary for organizations to seek the support of an experienced Dynamics 365 Business Central partner in Saudi Arabia.

Dynamics 365 Business Central pricing

Microsoft offers various pricing plans for Business Central based on the needs and size of the business. You can also choose Dynamics 365 extensions to expand your Business Central capabilities. LITS SERVICES can provide necessary assistance to choose the best licensing plan and add-ons based on your existing and future business plans.

LITS SERVICES: Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner in Saudi Arabia

  • Thorough knowledge on Business Central and Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Industry experienced Dynamics 365 Business Central professionals
  • D365 Business Central implementation expertise across various industries
  • Customize the solution to support unique business needs and priorities
  • Deliver high-quality business solution that optimize business processes
  • Provide comprehensive training to users until they familiarize with D365
  • Recommend best practices for implementing Business Central
  • Implementation expertise in manufacturing, hospitality, finance, retail and other sectors
  • Post implementation support and maintenance to ensure solution remains optimal
  • Presence in the European, Middle East, Asian and African countries

Realize business success with D365 Business Central Partner in Saudi

 LITS SERVICES has a long history of transforming organizations with cutting-edge technology solutions. As a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and a Business Central expert, we help organizations become more productive and successful using Dynamics 365 Business Central in Saudi Arabia.

No matter how complex your business process is, we help you connect business processes and optimize them to produce the desired business outcomes or goals by integrating Business Central into your business.

We offer consulting services to plan and deliver a perfect Dynamics 365 Business Central in Saudi based on the specific organization needs. You can begin your transformation journey with us, ensuring that your needs and goals are met every step of the way.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP solution that intelligently connect business processes including sales, finance, supply chain and service to streamline operations and gain visibility into key performance 
  • Business Central is equipped with a diverse set of advanced features, including AI, advanced analytics, reporting, IoT, machine learning, and more, that can help businesses achieve optimal performance
  • The ERP offers greater flexibility and scalability, making it a perfect solution for small to large enterprises looking to be successful in the Saudi market and adapt to the changing market and customer demands

Dear Customer, Ready to talk about your next project with the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Advantages

Take your business on the go: Users can work from anywhere, anytime on any device. This helps you stay connected with customers and respond to their needs promptly, improving work productivity and customer satisfaction.

Customization: Customization of Business Central helps your business generate the desired goals and outcomes. Provide customized reports and dashboards to make informed decisions, improve user experience and give your business a competitive advantage.

Automation: Automating workflows and processes help streamline operations, minimize human intervention, improve accuracy, and reduce operational costs. Automation ensures that the tasks are completed in a consistent way.

Profitable finance decisions: D365 Business Central allows you to make better finance decisions that help you increase profitability, improve business cash flow, properly allocate resources, and improve financial stability.

Prioritize leads: Salespeople can focus on high-value opportunities that are most likely to generate revenue. Prioritizing leads can lead to improved sales productivity, better allocate sales resources, improve customer targeting and close deals quickly.

Advanced security coverage: Business Central users can benefit from Microsoft’s robust security mechanisms that ensure your sensitive business data is completely safe in the Microsoft Cloud under any circumstance.            

Integration: Effortless integration with Microsoft products gives you the advantage of collaboration, automation, capability expansion,, analytics, productivity, and more.

Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Capabilities


  • Access on mobile devices
  • Quick cloud or on-premises implementation
  • Microsoft cloud technologies
  • Purpose-driven add-ons

Work smarter   

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Real-time suggestions
  • Automate business processes

Finance Management

  • Finance and business insights
  • Automate financial approvals
  • Expand business into global markets
  • Finance visibility


  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Adjust prices and discounts
  • Cash management
  • Customer experience
  • E-commerce shopping experience

Supply Chain Management

  • Vendor engagement
  • Restore stock levels
  • Tracking inventory levels

Warehouse Management

  • Simplify warehouse operations
  • Effective inventory placement
  • Streamline inventory movement
  • Order fulfillment

Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent sales forecasting
  • Finance automation
  • AI-powered inventory management
  • Fraud detection

Team up with experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in Saudi Arabia

LITS SERVICES takes a proactive approach, from suitable licensing plan selection to the final implementation of D365 Business Central in Saudi Arabia. We have a good understanding of the Saudi Arabian market and industries, which makes us easier to configure and deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in a way that aligns with the market conditions, so it ensures positive outcome.

With enormous work experience and dynamic D365 professionals, we are a trustworthy Microsoft Partner in KSA, offering a complete business management solution that simplifies your business operations and propels growth and productivity.

Are you looking to transform your business operations and take it to the next level? Look no further than Dynamics 365 Business Central.


LITS Services – Microsoft Gold Partner

As one of the recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners in Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, etc., we have the demonstrated experience in streamlining project operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central.

Our Dynamics 365 Business central consultants deploy solutions with necessary customization and addons. Depending on your business requirements, we extend more capabilities through the integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and more. We ensure our Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions help you emerge successfully out of the competitive business landscape.

Connect with us to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central partner solutions, and how you can improve with the other Dynamics 365 applications.