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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

“Dynamics 365 Business central is an unparalleled business process automation solution which covers several business processes at your organization through a unified business process automation solution to save you time, decrease operational cost and optimizing several of your disoriented and disconnected workflows which ultimately improves your company’s bottom line.”

Endless possibilities through Dynamics 365 Business central” – There comes a point in time where companies has to decide should they continue doing what they have done over the years or want to make leaping change to turnaround your company to as innovative workflow environment.

LITS Services has been providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for more than a decade in many world markets. We currently serve in Dubai UAE, KSA, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and many other neighboring countries offering top quality software solutions for all business needs. Our integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner solutions make your businesses run efficiently.


Workflow and Process Automation

A single solution to combine your workflow and processes carried out in several of your geographically disconnected stores and offices to multiple location based offices and establishments can work together under a single cloud based solution to make them work together and innovate further which wasn’t possible using traditional separate solutions for separate processes approach.

Dynamics 365 Business central modules

  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales & service management
  • Project management
  • Operations management
  • Reporting and analytics

Financial Management

A fully functional and matured financial management solution addressing financial service requirements of your organization which involves basic accounting to more complex requirements.

Financial management makes it easy to connect financial transactions and information exchange between affiliate companies and branches located at different locations an easy process.

Ledger:  Easily set-up the general ledger for your entire operations, easy data sharing ability between purchase and sales department therein effectively covering general/purchase/service ledgers.

Costing: Costing of goods to be sold is automatically done using financial management module by valuing the stock purchases.

Fixed assets: Manage your fixed assets by setting up a card inside financial  management module which contains all information about the asset, in this manner any fixed assets cards can be created for buildings and  equipment’s. This ensures a complete overview regarding your assets and correct depreciation factors are monitored and face value updated over the course of time, maintenance cost and insurance of your assets are automatically handled, capability of generating various reports regarding your fixed assets based of historic data.

Status:  Progress level of payments can be tracked according to set of statuses and parameters set by you.

Cash flow forecast: You will have overview and insight about future cash flow into your accounts based on past data, allowing you to glance cash in hand, cash from receivables, sales orders or even from fixed assets disposal.

Supply Chain Management

  Map your entire supply chain using Dynamics 365 Business central in an efficient way ensuring innovation at every process ranging from purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse management.

“SCM process in Dynamics Business central is a flexible solution integrating your partners and streamlining operation between your company and partner network, using SCM module you can prioritize procurement, processing and delivery according to your time and need.”

Inventory management: Built in intelligence predict what to re-stock and when to re-stock prompts you for purchase only when you need it, stocks are updates in real-time.

Sales orders: Manage sales orders, blanket sales order and sales order processes.

Locations: Manage inventory in multiple locations no matter what the business is about may it be a production plant, retail market, workshop or even a distribution center every mode of business is supported.

Profitability: Using built in business intelligence capability get recommendations on when to transfer funds to the vendors, optimally use vendor discounts and avoiding overdue penalties occurring due to clerical errors.


Sales and Marketing Management

CRM system in Dynamics Business central assists you to automate sales and marketing operations. Now manage your customer records and sales transactions of individual customers to increase your sales by assessing customer data, targeted campaigns and tracking of customer choices and their activities, make informed decisions and expand your customer base.

  • Keep track of customer preferences and sales history, based on the insights provided by built in intelligence get guidelines to increase sales and revenue.
  • Create targeted campaigns using customer data to offer them personalized offers.
  • Create email campaigns and landing pages
  • Assess employee performance and assign suitable employees to resolve and facilitate sales tasks and allied processes.
  • Manage and record all interactions you have with your contacts/customers be it a telephone call, emails or even letters
  • Capability of making callas directly via sales and marketing module with help of VoIP and TAPI
  • Agile and streamlined Customer relations which have capability to sync with Microsoft outlook to keep a to-do list of meetings and interaction you are having with your customers.

 Project Management

  Project management module of Business central is a great tool to create, manage and report on projects of any module and scale. Control and operate the project as a business process or from a financial perspective.

Allocate and control your resources to achieve greater profitability and on time completion of projects”

  • Timesheets: project management module allows you to plan the jobs and tasks in a specific period effectively helping you to manage the resources and tracking the progression of your job.
  • Budgeting: allocate budget for the tasks and jobs being carried out and track the spending on the ongoing projects, tracking the progression of jobs allows you to assess the real cost with the estimate.
  • Resource allocation: This module lets you record the usage of resources of your company resources, flexibility is the key component of resource management module which allows the possibility to adjust the prices as you go and even monitor the job journal to ensure that it is following costs and budgets.


Project management module follows WIP- method (work in progress) calculation it is a WIP assessment within Dynamics Business central through which the actual progress of work can be deduced from cost value, sales value, completed contract and from several other key factors without having to go through entire job which require the disruption of work carried out by the employees.


Automation of your business processes have never been this much fluid experience you can set-up workflows for tasks performed by various departments. Use either user defined workflows or chose from numerous inbuilt workflow templates. Just add a trigger action which starts the workflow and subsequent process and end with an automated message to concerned department.

Office 365

Ability to integrate Office 365 allows you to quote, process customer queries, work orders and invoicing via Outlook server which can access relevant data from Microsoft Excel to aid in quoting and invoicing.

Cloud power

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central customers need not worry about the computer infrastructure of your office as Dynamics Business central solution is based on Microsoft Azure platform, it being the industry best when it comes to cloud computing.

  • Highly secured and guaranteed data redundancy
  • Zero latency issues
  • Business intelligence and insights – Cortana intelligence & Power BI
  • Flexible and scalable – add additional computing power and servers as you expand
  • 100% Data privacy and DLP promise

LITS Services – Microsoft Gold Partner

As one of the recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners in Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, etc., we have the demonstrated experience in streamlining project operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central.

Our Dynamics 365 Business central consultants deploy solutions with necessary customization and addons. Depending on your business requirements, we extend more capabilities through the integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing, FinanceHuman ResourcesMicrosoft 365Power Platform, and more. We ensure our Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions help you emerge successfully out of the competitive business landscape.

Connect with us to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central partner solutions, and how you can improve with the other Dynamics 365 applications.