The pace at which technology is transforming the way businesses operate is rapid. While there may be many processes that organizations need to focus on, the key is improving employee experiences and ensuring accuracy in HR and payroll management.


Modern business solutions bring transformation to business processes, without any doubt. For example, ERP or CRM solutions successfully deal with operations such as finance, supply chain, sales, and customer service. However, they may lack features to enhance employee experiences and optimize HR workloads.

Simplifying employee experiences has a significant impact on work productivity and business outcomes. The solution to achieve this is adopting innovative employee self-service portals (ESS portals).

Employee self-service software is essential for organizations to build employee trust, increase satisfaction, and maintain retention. There are several employee self-service portals to choose from, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 based ESS software stands out.


Why does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Employee Self-Service have so much Favor with organizations?


An employee self-service portal built on Dynamics 365 provides features that simplify self-service access and reduce HR workloads. The Dynamics 365 HR functionalities in the ESS portal make the self-service process easier for employees, allowing them to manage their leaves, check payroll slips, view performance reviews, and more.

Here we explore few top features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered employee self-service software

Easy-To-Use interface

Dynamics 365 simplifies self-service experience for employees through a user-friendly interface. A user-friendly interface enhances user interaction with the portal and improves end-user experience. By removing any roadblocks to using the software, workforce productivity can be increased, and HR time can be saved.

Leave and Absence Management

Leave and Absence Management in the ESS app is a valuable feature for both employees and employers. Employees can submit leave requests without assistance from the HR team and check their leave balances and leave history. The submitted leave requests are automatically forwarded to managers for approval. This ensures a smooth employee leave management process within the business.

Real-time Updates

Employees are instantly notified whenever there are updates to their leave submissions, approvals from managers, or any changes to professional or personal details such as the job roles or contact details. The real-time updates keep employees informed about the changes, enabling them to make suitable decisions.

Access to Personal Information

The ESS portal allows employees to access and update their personal information, such as contact details, address, payroll information, and HR processes, from anywhere. This feature ensures that employee data is always up to date, helping HR teams streamline processes and save time.

Benefits Management

Dynamics 365 for Employee Self-Service supports a range of benefit options to attract and retain employees. It also enables employees to enroll online for various benefit programs automatically, improving their overall experience. Employees can access and view information regarding benefit payments and more.

Time and Attendance Tracking

One of the key features of ESS portal is attendance and time tracking. Employees can view their attendance records and working hours in real time. Managers and HR can view and approve time entries and create reports based on the information provided. This feature simplifies the process of making informed decisions on performance and productivity.

Expense Reporting

Employees can submit expense reports, upload receipts, and monitor the status of their claims. Managers can review and approve these expense reports, helping organizations streamline the expense management process.

Training and Development

The ESS platform provides access to various training courses, materials, and development programs offered by the organization. Employees can enrol in training sessions, monitor their progress, and improve their skills and knowledge.

Performance Management

ESS software allows employees to set personal goals, monitor their performance with regard to these goals, and receive feedback from managers. This feature is beneficial in ensuring employee performance in line with organizational goals.

Mobile Access

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ESS portal offers mobile access, allowing employees to access self-service features from their smartphones or tablets. Mobile access ensures that employees can manage their jobs and maintain performance on the go, helping you improve productivity.


Enhance Employee Experience and Streamline HR tasks with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Based Employee Self-Service Portal.


When focusing on enhancing employee experiences, boosting productivity, and bringing accuracy to HR workflows, investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered Employee Self-Service Portal is worthwhile.

LITS SERVICES provides customized ESS Software equipped with advanced human resources functionalities to streamline user experience, complemented by advanced analytics, reporting, and automation capabilities.

As the developer of LITS ESS, LITS SERVICES can customize the employee solution to fit your specific business needs. Our certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants are available to guide you through this process. Employee self-service integration with LITS ESS empowers both employees and HR teams.

The HR self-service portal automates various HR related tasks, ensures data accuracy, allows seamless integration with other HR systems and Microsoft tools, and supports various Dynamics 365 add-ons.

To learn more about integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP powered LITS ESS into your business in the GCC or MENA region, connect with our Microsoft Dynamics consultants.


What are the key benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Employee Self-Service (ESS)?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ESS provides several benefits, including a user-friendly interface, real-time updates, leave and absence management, access to personal information, and benefits management.

How does the ESS portal improve leave and absence management?

The leave and absence management feature allows employees to submit leave requests directly through the ESS portal without HR assistance. They can check their leave balances and history, and the submitted requests are automatically forwarded to managers for approval. This simplifies the leave management process.

Can users access and update their personal information through the ESS portal?

Yes, employees can access and update their personal information, such as contact details, address, payroll information, and other HR-related data, from anywhere. This feature ensures that employee record is up to date, helping HR teams to optimize processes and save time.