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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Kenya

Streamline Finance Processes in Kenya with Cutting-edge Financial Management Software

Kenya is the fastest growing economy in East Africa. In a dynamic economy, there is a growing need for organizations to prioritize their financial strategies with advanced financial management software. Companies can streamline finance processes and gain significant financial achievements with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP.

A leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Kenya, LITS SERVICES enables organizations to drive their business growth using Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Finance platform. With extensive experience in providing Finance ERP across a range of businesses in Kenya, we are proud to be the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance partner in Kenya.

Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits

Streamline your finance processes with Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Kenya

LITS SERVICES provide proven solutions with Dynamics 365 Finance to improve financial performance across various departments. We leverage our expertise on D365 Finance to deploy a solution that helps streamline your financial process and maximize financial gains.
Our D365 finance team works closely with your finance department to implement a solution that helps you achieve your financial goals. When implementing Dynamics 365 Finance in Kenya they follow industry-best standards to help your business adapt to the emerging Kenyan market.

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

 Cash Management: Gain full control over your cash flow with the cash flow forecasting feature, accurately predict customer invoice payments, and optimize budgeting efficiency with the intelligent budget proposal feature.

Finance Automation: Automate vendor invoice processing, invoice generation, collection processes, and financial report generation for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Self-service Analytics: Access and analyze financial data, generate reports, and visualize data, monitor finance trends and performance, gain valuable insights into financial performance, and easily share those insights with users.

Mitigate Global Risk and Complexity: Manage financial operations on a global scale, support localization for multiple countries and languages, and leverage pre-built Microsoft 365 templates for creating professional business documents, reducing complexity, and ensuring compliance.

Artificial Intelligence: Utilize cash flow forecasting to accurately predict cash flows, fraud detection prevents fraudulent financial transactions, and predictive analytics forecast financial outcomes.

Financial Management: Accounts payables and receivables, cash and bank management, fixed assets, general ledger and financial reporting, cost accounting and budgeting.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance – A Comprehensive Solution for Finance Management

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a comprehensive finance ERP that helps you optimize your finance processes with a range of advanced features. You can leverage the power of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and reporting, automation, forecasting and other tools to drive profitability and growth.

There is no doubt that Dynamics 365 Finance is a great solution for prioritizing finance processes and cost reduction. So, for proper implementation, customization and integration, partner with the leading Dynamics 365 implementation partner in Kenya.

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Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

 Increase Revenue Growth: D365 Finance provides improved visibility into your finance operations, enables efficient cash flow management, ensures compliance and risk management, and empowers enhanced financial decision-making, all leading to profitable growth for your organization.

Access Anywhere: Access D365 Finance anywhere, anytime and on any device, thanks to its cloud-based architecture.  This flexibility allows users to work on the go, while seamlessly collaborating with others for increased productivity and efficiency.

Manage Finance Across Departments: D365 Finance provides a centralized platform that enables you to efficiently manage finance across all departments. By offering a centralized view of data, it empowers departments to streamline their financial processes, resulting in improved efficiency and collaboration.

Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings: Automation of repetitive financial processes helps you significantly reduce operational costs and minimize manual errors. Its financial management capabilities streamline finance processes across multiple locations, helping you further reduce costs and gain operational efficiency.

Scalable and Flexible: Dynamics 365 is designed to scale seamlessly, meeting the growing needs of your business, and adapting to changing market conditions and customer demands. Its inherent flexibility ensures that you can readily adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Integration with Microsoft Tools: Dynamics 365 Finance integrates with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other D365 applications, and third-party systems and applications. Integration empowers you to accomplish more with less, enabling you to drive financial performance

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Dynamics 365 Finance Pricing and LITS SERVICES support

 Dynamics 365 Finance licensing plan, with its core functionalities, helps you improve your business finances. As your reliable Microsoft Partner in Kenya, our Dynamics 365 consultants assist you in selecting the right plan and add-ons that best align with your objectives. Our professionals provide customization, integration, implementation, support, and user training.               

Why LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 Finance in Kenya?

LITS SERVICES follows Microsoft standards when deploying Dynamics 365 Finance in Kenya. This ensures that D365 Finance implementation aligns with your business goals and boosts financial performance. Our seasoned Dynamics 365 experts with extensive Dynamics 365 implementation experience create and deploy a customized finance ERP solution that helps you increase business outcomes and maximize revenue.

Transform your finance operations and stay competitive with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in Kenya.

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