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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner Canada

Streamline Finance Processes with Actionable Insights, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation

 Microsoft technologies have become an integral part of various organizations in Canada with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the forefront.

As effective management of the financial process is core to business success, it is essential for businesses in Canada to have a robust financial management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

And what could be better than teaming up with a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Canada?

With their expertise in Dynamics 365 solutions, your business can thrive and achieve greater financial success.

Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits
Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits

Rely on trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Canada

LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with deep expertise in driving business growth using Dynamics 365 solutions. We provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, customization, integration and support services in Canada.

With a focus on financial transformation, we’ve helped many organizations achieve financial stability using Dynamics 365 Finance. Whether it’s implementing D365 Finance from the beginning, customizing it to meet business goals, or providing support and training, LITS SERVICES provides stellar services that exceed client’s expectations.

Few ways that Canadian enterprises can benefit from working with a Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Canada


As a Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Canada, we can provide

  • Expertise that can help Canadian businesses to overcome financial challenges
  • Local support in adherence to the Canadian industry standards, including implementation, support and training
  • Help businesses to stay compliant with financial regulations
  • Customization to meet unique business needs
  • Helps to get the most out of Dynamics 365 Finance for streamlining financial processes, automating tasks and finally saving costs and efforts
  • Helps to gain better visibility into financial data, and increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Helps to gain a competitive advantage in the market place, differentiate your business from competitors, and attract new customers and opportunities
Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

Dear Customer, Ready to talk about your next project with the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance?


 Seamless Finance Management

  • Monitor cash flow within business
  • Accurately predicts when customers will make payment
  • Analytics and reporting improves financial decision making


  • Simply vendor invoice processing
  • Improve cash flow with prediction-based collection automation
  • Unify data from Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365

Artificial Intelligence

  • Predict future finance trends
  • Make accurate prediction of cash flow
  • Prevent fraudulent transactions

Eliminate global complexity

  • Seamlessly manage financial operations across multiple businesses and countries
  • Support localization for different countries and languages, ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards
  • Create professional business documents with Microsoft 365 templates


  • Dynamics 365 Finance empowers everyone in the finance teams to make meaningful finance decisions
  • Helps have better control on finance with intelligent budget proposal feature, cash flow forecasting, analytics, and reporting
  • Artificial intelligence capability provides you gain insights into your financial data, make predictions about future finance trends, and help you identify fraudulent transactions
  • Expand D365 Finance capabilities through customization and integration. Support integration with all Microsoft tools including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 apps and other third-party tools
  • Localization support for different countries and languages allows you to expand your business horizon in different countries
  • Dynamics 365 Finance is scalable meaning that it can adapt to your changing business growth

Why you should choose LITS SERVICES as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner in Canada?

  • We have deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and experience in providing Dynamics 365 implementation and support.
  • Our D365 consultants have experience in your industry and understand the challenges that your business faces. We can customize the D365 solution to support your unique business objectives
  • We are a Dynamics 365 Partner with a history of successful D365 implementations, satisfied clients and the reputation for delivering high-quality solutions
  • Our customer-centric approach ensures customers receive outstanding customer service and technical support always
  • Consultants are always ready to provide the necessary training until employees familiarize themselves with the solution. This ensures you get the most out of Dynamics 365.

We are a trusted Dynamics 365 partner for businesses looking to maximize financial health and achieve outstanding business growth. Our consultants are dedicated to improve financial health, by providing comprehensive finance solution that streamline finance processes and drive growth.

Dynamics 365 implementation in Canada

LITS SERVICES has expertise in providing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to multiple industries worldwide.  Our consultants plan, design and implement D365 Finance and do the necessary customization and integration based on enterprise needs. They work together with you to understand your business, provide guidance, identify and pick an appropriate D365 Finance licensing plan, and move ahead  with implementation.

  • Consulting: D365 consultants provide expert guidance on how D365 Finance will benefit for your finance performance and growth
  • Customization: Our D365 Finance professionals customize finance solution based on the unique requirements of your business needs in Canada.
  • Dedicated Support: Experienced consultants are at your help to manage unexpected software issues and resolve customer queries
  • Industry Experience: We have deep expertise in various industries such as manufacturing, retail and others, helping them to provide bespoke solutions in those domains.
  • Cloud Expertise: Being experienced in cloud technologies, we can help you leverage the full benefits of Microsoft cloud

Apart from being a Dynamics 365 Finance partner in Canada, we also support other applications in the Dynamics 365 family. When you plan for a solution using Dynamics 365 to meet your business goals, we are here to help you with Dynamics 365 implementation, Dynamics 365 customization, integration and support.