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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner Kenya

“Achieve Financial Stability and Growth with Actionable Insights, Intelligence, and Automation”

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance provides a total financial solution that covers your core finance processes
  • Get real-time insights into your financial performance and make confident finance decisions based on latest data
  • Automate your routine financial processes, improve workforce efficiency and reduce errors

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 adoption continues to grow among organizations in Kenya, it is time to leverage its capabilities to improve your financial operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance is a global financial management software that helps organizations manage their finances efficiently and achieve profitable growth. The D365 Finance solution offers a broad array of features that empower financial decision making, automate routine tasks, optimize business spending, minimize costs, and reduce financial risk and complexity.

Dynamics 365 Finance Benefits

Are you looking to accelerate your business growth in Kenya? Get the support from top Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner in Kenya

LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with deep expertise in driving business growth with Dynamics 365 solutions. As a top Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner in Kenya and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Partner, we help organizations to increase their financial agility and improve financial well-being.

For the enterprises looking for a global finance management solution that integrates crucial financial elements, Dynamics 365 Finance, combined with its add-ons, can offer the perfect solution. With best Dynamics 365 customization processes, our solution not only improves business profitability, but also helps organizations in Kenya to better withstand economic downturns.

Dynamics 365 Finance Advantages

  • Seamlessly manage cash flow within your business and identify finance trends, helping you make better finance decisions
  • Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to predict when your customers are going to pay the invoices and this helps you optimize cash collection process
  • Automation speed up inventory processing, increase on-time payment, and improve cash flow.
  • AI capabilities helps you get insights into your financial data, make predictions about future finance trends, and help you detect fraudulent transactions,
  • Support integration with Microsoft tools like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other Dynamics 365 apps and third-party apps and systems
  • Built-in security tools helps you protect your financial data and support for compliance with localization accelerate global expansion
  • Being a cloud based system, Dynamics 365 Finance is scalable, meaning it can grow up or down as your business transforms. You can add or remove features to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Capabilities

 Financial Management

  • Efficiently monitor the inflow and outflow of cash in business
  • Accurate forecasting of customer payments
  • Make confident financial decisions using self-service analytics and reporting
  • Intelligent budget proposal feature creates accurate budget proposal


  • Automate vendor invoice processing
  • Automate tedious and repetitive finance processes
  • Automate cash collections based on predictive analysis.

Create a strategic impact

  • Implement new subsidiaries or products immediately
  • Subscription billing improves customer trust
  • Roll-based workspaces and predictive insights Increase employee productivity

Artificial Intelligence

  • Predict future financial performance
  • Identify existing and future finance trends
  • Identify fraudulent patterns in financial data

Reduce global risk

  • Globalization services – simplify electronic invoicing, tax, regulatory reporting and global payments
  • Ensure compliance with country-specific localization requirements.
  • Create appropriate business documents with Microsoft 365 templates

Why choose LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 implementation in Kenya?

 LITS SERVICES has deep expertise in providing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to multiple industries in Kenya.  Our consultants plan, design and implement D365 Finance and do the necessary customization and integration based on enterprise needs. They work together with you to understand your business, provide guidance, identify and pick an appropriate D365 Finance licensing plan, and move ahead  with constant support.

  • Consulting: D365 consultants provide expert guidance on how D365 Finance will benefit for your finance performance and growth
  • Customization: Our D365 Finance professionals customize finance solution based on the unique requirements of your business needs in Kenya.
  • Dedicated Support: Experienced consultants are at your disposal to handle unexpected issues coming out of the solution and resolve customer queries
  • Industry experience: We have deep expertise in various industries such as manufacturing, retail and others, helping them to provide bespoke solutions in those domains.
  • Cloud expertise: Being experienced in cloud technologies, we can help you leverage the full benefits of Microsoft cloud

Apart from being a Dynamics 365 Finance partner in Kenya, we also support other applications in the Dynamics 365 family. When you plan for a solution using Dynamics 365 to meet your business goals, we are here to help you with Dynamics 365 implementation, Dynamics 365 customization, integration and support.