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Manage your finance better with the enterprise-grade finance management solution
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

“Manage your finance better with the enterprise-grade finance management solution”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a finance solution that enable organizations to efficiently manage their finance with scalable features. It provides a comprehensive set of functionalities that no other financial solution can provide. You can automate important processes, efficiently manage finance data, and simplify accounting needs.

With real-time insights into business performance, predictive analytics and AI (artificial intelligence), you can better manage your business more efficiently and make confident business decisions. Moreover, the integration with Microsoft tools such as Microsoft 365 and Power Platform enables you to use financial data in an efficient manner. All this facilitates a boost to your revenue and profits.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance: Features

Automate Business Processes

  • Automate accounts payable vendor invoicing processes
  • Simplify payment collection process with collections process automation
  • Enhance cash flow, save time, and increase on-time payment

Finance Insights

  • Manage your day-to-day finance operations with finance insights
  • Predict company’s cash flow, predict customer payment for outstanding payments
  • Actively monitor and identify existing and future finance trends
  • Know the current state of business with customers and their previous payment behavior

Financial Decision Making

  • AI-driven insights and pre-built analytics improves decision making
  • Create and view various types of finance reports using financial reporting
  • Pre-built analytics provides a visual representation of overall business health.

Unify Business Processes and Data

  • Collect finance data from all sources and bring it together in a centralized platform
  • Access and share data across departments
  • Plan company finance with unified data

Create Business Documents

  • Create customizable business documents using Microsoft 365 templates.
  • Business document management enable users to edit documents

Maintain a Steady Cash Flow:

  • Monitor upcoming cash flow using cash flow-forecasting solution.
  • Efficiently estimate company’s need for cash in future
  • Forecast the impact of each transaction using cash flow solution

Make Regulatory Requirements Easy

  • Adapt to the changing regulatory requirements using electronic invoicing, regulatory reporting, and other features.
  • Utilize rule-based chart of accounts for reporting financial statements
  • Seamless globalization services helps to successfully run business in extended global markets

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Budgeting Made Easy

  • Intelligent budget proposal feature reduce the time and effort spent on budgeting.
  • Easily create budgets based on years of historical data
  • Create workforce budgets, fixed assets budgets, and project budgets

Dynamics 365 Finance: Advantages

  1. D365 Finance improves revenue growth and profitability using financial intelligence and analytics
  2. Employees can use Finance anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  3. Automate tasks to maximize efficiency and business outcomes
  4. Precisely forecast your cash flow, identify latest and future trends, and make intelligent finance decisions
  5. Gain control over finance across all departments
  6. Helps to create robust and accurate budget proposals from current and previous data
  7. Simplify accounting procedure and financial management with excellent reporting capabilities
  8. Reduce operational costs across business locations with financial automation, budget control and planning, and forecasting
  9. Earn maximum profit for your business in the long-term and short-term with insights into incurring costs and predicted revenue
  10. Insights into financial data and the complete view across all departments helps you stay competitive in the global market.
  11. Take advantage of globalization services to quickly adapt to changing regulatory needs
  12. Support compliance with localization for 44 countries
Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

Looking to improve your company’s financial performance with D365 Finance?

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LITS SERVICES For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

LITS SERVICES is a recognized Microsoft Gold Partner that has demonstrated experience in transforming enterprises with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to support every organization across their needs. Our services provide unparalleled flexibility, scalability and security that help you meet the growing business challenges.

We are the leading Microsoft Certified Partners that will guide you through the digital transformation journey, from selecting the right application to implementation to support and training. When you decide to implement Dynamics 365 Finance within your business, team up with the leading Dynamics 365 Finance Consultants in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Germany, Canada, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance FAQ’s

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance is a financial application from Microsoft that helps organizations to simplify their finance management. The application covers all core finance operations and offers capabilities that organizations need to update accounts and helps finance teams to make better decisions. Organizations can improve their financial health and ensure growth using financial reporting, analytics and AI-driven insights. This comprehensive global finance management solution helps you quickly adapt to changing market needs and maximize margin revenue. You can reduce operational costs with automation, budget planning and control, and other features.

What are the modules included in Dynamics 365 Finance?

D365 Finance has been designed to maximize profit and wealth. It includes various modules to help you manage your business finance in an efficient and effective manner. It also offers tools and capabilities to provide insights into your company’s cash flow. The accounts payables and receivables module help you efficiently manage vendor and customer invoice management and collection processes. The budgeting module allows you to manage total financial requirements in a proper way. Cash and bank management module allows you to manage your banks and balances and reconcile bank statements.             

What are the capabilities of D365 Finance application?

Organizations can precisely project the cash flow, identify future and current trends, and make meaningful financial decisions using finance insights and intelligent cash flow-forecasting features. You can know when your customers will make payment against invoices. Using the smart budget proposal feature, you can unify old finance data and create a precise budget proposal for your business. This makes the budgeting process simple and save time on this process. The Finance application features in-depth financial reporting capabilities that enable your teams to make smart finance decisions.

Does D365 Finance automate finance tasks?

Dynamics 365 Finance unifies and automates processes to streamline financial tasks. It automates critical finance-related jobs like vendor invoice processing, accounts reconciliation and preparing statements. Prediction-based collection automation helps to improve cash flow, increase on-payment, and save time. Automaton enables finance teams to simplify processes and ensure productivity and growth. Dynamics 365 Finance connects processes and data across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and other applications to unify data for effective cross-departmental collaboration. This allows users from other departments to access and share info to drive growth.

How can you buy Dynamics 365 Finance?

You can purchase Dynamics 365 from reliable Microsoft Partners. D365 Finance is priced at $180 per user per month. Your Microsoft Partner helps you with proper Dynamics 365 Finance implementation, support and training. Their Dynamics 365 experts would have a clear understanding of your business needs and also provide integration with other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Project Operations, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and more. With the integration, you can expand the capabilities of application, as well as meet your business objectives. So, when you are thinking of buying any Dynamics 365 applications for your business, get it from the experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

What is the role of AI in Dynamics 365 Finance?

Set of AI-powered capabilities called Finance insights helps customers of Dynamics 365 Finance to improve the quality of financial processes. AI and automation will create an impact on financial workloads which make error-prone jobs more precise, efficient and easy. Finance insights helps you improve your financial management with cash flow forecasting, customer payment insights and smart budget proposals.

Intelligent cash flow forecasting enables you to forecast cash flows, helping finance professionals to make effective decisions, maintain current cash position and simplify the process. Budgeting is made easy with intelligent budget proposal feature. It collects old finance data, analyzes it and creates a budget. Customer payment insights allows your team to predict when your customers will pay invoices. This simplifies your cash collection processes and accurately forecast cash flows.

How can I get started with D365 Finance?

Consult with a Microsoft Partner who specializes in Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. You can buy D365 Finance from them and get the implementation done by their Dynamics 365 Finance consultants. Depending on your business requirements and preferences, they pick the right solution and customize, if necessary with essential features.

The advantage of experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners would be that they follow a careful approach in a way that benefits your business. They ensure that the Finance automation solution can drive success with improved growth, productivity and revenue. That is the reason why it is important to employ a Microsoft Gold Partner like LITS SERVICES to get D365 Finance deployed.

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