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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Partner in UAE

Optimize Marketing, Personalize Customer Engagement and Drive Profitable Growth with D365 Marketing.

Companies need to improve their marketing strategies to sustain business growth in UAE. To have an excellent brand presence in the country, companies should invest in innovative marketing solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful marketing solution that organizations looking to boost their marketing performance can trust.

LITS SERVICES empower organizations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERPs and CRMs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in UAE, we help organizations to improve efficiency in marketing using Microsoft D365 Marketing, a powerful marketing automation tool.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: Digital transformation of marketing

 Dynamics 365 is a marketing automation platform that enables organizations to guide potential customers on each of their buying journeys, from the prospect to the final conversion into a customer. It supports real-time marketing, outbound marketing, and event management to improve and strengthen your marketing efforts.

D365 Marketing is easy to use, can be integrated with other D365 apps, and has built-in intelligence. At LITS SERVICES, our Dynamics 365 experts can help you unlock the full potential of the marketing solution for your business benefits.

    Step into modern marketing with Dynamics 365 Marketing Partner in UAE – LITS SERVICES

    LITS SERVICES provides a foundation for transformation in the marketing space. Our Dynamics 365 Marketing Consultants leverage the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing, so you can work on developing better marketing strategies and target customers with advanced tools.

    We understand UAE’s marketing challenges from our experience working with leading organizations across the Middle East. Therefore, we provide you with a solution that helps you meet your marketing goals and gain customer trust.

    Our team, along with our subject experts, customize D365 Marketing to meet your specific needs and provide seamless integration to expand its capabilities. We follow the best industry practices when designing and implementing Dynamics 365 Marketing in UAE.

    Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing and LITS SERVICES support

    Microsoft offers various plans for Dynamics 365 Marketing based on unique business needs. As your trusted Microsoft partner in the UAE, LITS SERVICES helps you choose the right licensing plan and Dynamics 365 add-ons, as well as provides customization, integration, implementation, support, and user training.

    Advantages of Dynamics 365 Marketing

     Personalized customer engagement: Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to have personalized engagement across all channels, helping you attract more customers and win customer loyalty.

    Save time and effort: Automation capabilities allow you to streamline various marketing processes, saving time and effort while increasing employee productivity at large.

    Integration: D365 marketing effortlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Customer Data Platform and other D365 apps. The integration extends capabilities and provides a holistic view of customers, which empowers your marketing performance.

    Analytics and Reporting: Robust analytics and reporting helps you have a deep understanding of marketing campaigns. With insights, you can adopt successful tactics and make informed decisions.

    Conduct Webinars and Personalized Events: Event management feature allows you to create and host events. From budgeting, planning, attendance management, webinar broadcasting to lead generation and analytics, you can handle it all efficiently.

    Power of Microsoft Power Platform: D365 Marketing integration with Microsoft Power Platform allows you to derive insights from your data, automate business processes, and create custom business apps.

    Dear Customer, Ready to talk about your next project with the best Microsoft of Dynamics 365 Marketing Partners UAE

    Features of Dynamics 365 Marketing

     Real-time Customer Engagement: Engage with customers in real-time across various channels using AI-driven suggestions, create personalized customer journeys, and motivate customers via reminders and messages.

    Customer Segments: Create customer segments based on specific attributes for personalized and target-based marketing.

    Artificial Intelligence: AI generated content to personalize messages, AI-driven email editor to create email content, dashboards and advanced analytics, and customer insights.

    Seamless Experiences: Built-in Microsoft Teams for seamless chat, automate business processes, and easily manage customer contact preferences.

    Outbound Marketing: Grab leads, quality leads with automated lead scoring, digital marketing, grab LinkedIn leads, landing pages and forms, and event management.

    Email Marketing: Create and run email campaigns using email templates to target specific audiences.

    Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

    Join LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 Marketing in UAE

    LITS SERVICES utilizes industry-best practices to implement Dynamics 365 Marketing in UAE. This ensures you get tailored marketing solutions that help you optimize your marketing operations. As we have extensive Dynamics 365 implementation experience across various verticals, no matter what industry your business belongs to, we can help you get the most out of your marketing with the right configuration and integration.

    Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing in UAE our Dynamics 365 Marketing experts.

    Contact us today to start your transformation journey and achieve remarkable business growth.