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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Provider in Canada

Overcome business challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is essential for your business to streamline business processes and to achieve a faster and dynamic operation.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a suite of smart business applications designed to enhance business processes of organizations. Dynamics 365 provides rich capabilities that help you thrive in the modern business environment.

Adapt to new market conditions and customer demand, better utilize your growing customer and business data, optimize              business operations, create better customer experiences and improve business bottom line – all using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gain Immense benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

LITS SERVICES provides Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and other systems. Dynamics 365 integration helps to expand the app offerings. As the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in Canada, we provide Dynamics 365 integration in line with your business needs.

Dynamics 365 integration with Office 365 enables efficient communication, collaboration, storage and file management. Team members can work on projects together, share files and knowledge, chat, make video and audio calls and meet- all via Microsoft Teams.

Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Power Platform tools integration enables your teams to create powerful custom business apps using Power Apps, automate business processes with Power Automate, create chatbots with Power Virtual Agents, and gain insights with Power BI.

Transform business operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Canada

LITS SERVICES, as the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in Canada, takes advantage of Microsoft dynamics solutions to promote digital transformation for your business. Our consultants provide Dynamics 365 Implementation that best fits your business needs with the right Dynamics 365 apps.

Our implementation teams take a proactive approach with proper understanding of your needs and preferences. As a committed Dynamics 365 implementation partner in Canada, we cover the whole aspects, from choosing the right Dynamics 365 app to design, integration, customization and implementation. We know how to help you succeed with the right solution.

It includes Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products

Make your business more agile with Dynamics 365 apps

You have a range of business apps in Dynamics 365 suite to optimize your business operations. Here are the apps.

Accelerate sales growth with Dynamics 365 Sales app

Dynamics 365 Sales is an impactful sales application that strengthens your sales processes. It enables your sales teams to create long-term relationships with customers and close sales faster. Salespeople can connect customers through their preferred communication channels and take actions based on AI insights, as well as make sales forecasts. We help you implement the right sales license plan for your business.

Elevate customer experiences with Dynamics 365 Marketing app

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a marketing automation solution that simplifies your marketing process. It supports both real-time marketing and outbound marketing helping to improve brand reach to a wider audience. Create campaigns with personalized messages, connect with customers across channels, capture leads, harness the power of social media and more.

Deliver the best customer experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Service app.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a range of capabilities that improve customer experience and agent experience. It enables customer service agents to make quick decisions and resolve customer issues quickly with right information. Provides self-service options which customers can use to interact with AI-powered virtual agents to get answers for their queries.

Improve financial visibility with Dynamics 365 Finance app.

Dynamics 365 Finance provides rich financial features that help you accelerate business growth and maximize revenue. This financial management solution provides a holistic view of the finance process and helps you make smart financial decisions in the fast-paced global market. Manage cash flow efficiently, predict customer payments, automate repetitive finance processes, and make budgeting easy.

Make your retail business technologically savvy with Dynamics 365 Commerce app

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a comprehensive retail management solution that offers engaging and informative experiences to customers when they shop. Customers can purchase at their comfort and convenience via their preferred channels. It unifies your back-end operations, in-store and physical stores and track insights to deliver unique and frictionless experience for every person who interacts with you.

Get entire supply chain visibility with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management app.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you optimize operations with a unified view of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, logistics and service. It supports the distribution and trade features of supply chain. Build an ideal manufacturing process, streamline scheduling, optimize distribution, planning, and fulfillment, and more.

Build a framework for HR staff with Dynamics 365 Human Resources app

Dynamics 365 Human Resources streamlines and automates a range of processes related to HR. HR staff can seamlessly manage employee recruitment and retention, performance training, administration, create absence policies, and more. Employees can access the information they need via self-service portals. Seamlessly connect with your existing payroll system and deliver payroll on time.

Seamlessly manage projects using Dynamics 365 Project Operations app

Dynamics 365 Project Operations provide improved project management capabilities. Manage project operations efficiently, and win more project deals through precise forecasting, estimation and defining scope. Ensure right persons on right projects via resource management capabilities. Increase productivity via scheduling, work-breakdown structures, dashboards and Gantt charts.

Depend on ERP and CRM capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM offerings

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is integrated with CRM and ERP capabilities. With Dynamics 365, you get a flexible CRM solution that is customizable to suit your business. You can use a CRM solution that contains apps for customer service, sales, and marketing or choose standalone apps to meet the needs. CRM capabilities helps you manage customer relationships, track sales leads, manage marketing and sales pipeline.

With Dynamics 365 ERP, you can manage finance, supply chain operations, commerce, manufacturing and human resources. ERP system helps you accelerate business operations, adapt to the changing market conditions, and ensure business agility. The two ERP systems are Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics Finance and Operations ERP helps you have complete control over your supply chain along with finance and customer service. Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP helps you improve business efficiency, productivity and growth by connecting your sales, customer service, finance, and supply chain.

LITS SERVICES, as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provider in Canada helps you pick the right Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM as per your business needs.

Vertical Solutions from LITS SERVICES

Apart from providing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions in Canada, LITS SERVICES introduces a range of vertical solutions built on Dynamics 365 ERP to meet the various needs of organizations.

The vertical solutions we provide include Recycling Solution, School Management System, Real Estate Management System, Project Management System, Equipment Rental Solution, Localized Payroll Solution, and Retail Solution.

Grow your business in Canada with the right Microsoft Partner

As the recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, we have years of expertise in offering Dynamics 365 implementation to clients across various industries and help them to get the most from Dynamics 365 capabilities.

It is not necessary to invest on the whole Dynamics 365 applications. Pick only the apps that are needed for you. As your business expands, you can integrate other apps to your existing Dynamics 365 app.

For example, to improve your finance process, deploy Dynamics 365 Finance only. Later, if you think that you need to streamline your sales process, you can integrate Dynamics 365 Sales to your existing Dynamics 365 Finance app.        

As an experienced Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner in Canada, we have a clear idea on your business needs. Accordingly, we help you pick the right Dynamics 365 app.

And finally…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a well-crafted business solution that has cutting-edge capabilities to meet today’s challenging requirements with higher flexibility and scalability. Get ready to transform your business processes with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner in Canada.

Team up with us for a reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution? Get in touch with us now.

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