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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions Provider in Kenya

Optimize business processes and promote growth using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Grow rapidly by streamlining your business processes. A more strategic solution is important, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you stay competitive through its powerful capabilities.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a group of intelligent applications that helps you manage your sales, customer service, projects, marketing, finance and other business processes. It includes Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Finance, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, and Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Dynamics 365 is a proven comprehensive solution from Microsoft that leading organizations worldwide leverage to improve business efficiency and growth. Foster operations and make an impact in the business bottom line.

Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

At LITS SERVICES, our highly experienced Dynamics 365 consultants provide necessary Dynamics 365 integration to expand the app offerings.

Dynamics 365 can be integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Power Platform and other tools. Integration with Office 365 allows you to have efficient communication, collaboration, storage and file management. Team members can share files, work on projects together, share knowledge, chat, make video and audio calls and meet via Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Power Platform integration enables your teams to create custom business apps using Power Apps, automate business processes using Power Automate, create chatbots using Power Virtual Agents, and derive insights using Power BI.

As the leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Kenya, we provide Dynamics 365 integration in line with your business needs.

Grow your business in Kenya with the help of Microsoft Gold Partner

Want to make a big leap in business sales and growth? Get right Dynamics 365 consultation from the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in Kenya.

As the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in Kenya, LITS SERVICES possess breadth of expertise in transforming companies across industries by bringing together Microsoft Dynamics Solutions needed to be successful in the digital age.

Our global Dynamics 365 consultants steer digital transformation with in-depth industry and technical knowledge, and skills. We have empowered many leading organizations across Kenya using Microsoft Dynamics Solutions.

As the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in Kenya, we are able to work with our customer’s preferred requirements. Once you have decided on the right Dynamics 365 app, we can help you with Dynamics 365 Implementation as per your business needs and standards. We also provide necessary integration with Microsoft tools and other systems.

Our Dynamics 365 Consultants in Kenya plan, design, develop and implement solutions for a range of industries, from manufacturing to education, insurance, finance, retail and more.

From consulting to implementation, LITS SERVICES cover the whole aspects of your Microsoft Dynamics Solution including after-sales support and training.

Know your Dynamics 365 apps

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products

Dynamics 365 Sales – An efficient sales tool your business needs to speed up sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a sales automation solution that enables your sales teams to foster leads and close sales faster by building strong relationships with customers. Automate sales processes to improve team’s productivity, so they can increase customer engagement. Your teams can forecast sales and manage the sales pipeline with confidence. As a Dynamics 365 Partner in Kenya, we help you pick the right sales licensing plan.

Dynamics 365 Marketing – Solution to strengthen your marketing efforts

Strengthen your marketing efforts with this powerful marketing automation tool. Create marketing emails, marketing pages, automate marketing campaigns, and capture leads. Leverage social media platforms to market your products and reach into more customers. It allows you to engage with customers across email, social media and other channels in real-time.

Dynamics 365 customer service – Get closer to your customers by delivering quality experiences

Delight customers by delivering personalized experiences across their preferred channels. It allows customer service agents to respond to customer issues quickly with access to the right information at the right time. Customers can directly interact with AI-enabled chatbots to get solutions for their issues without having to wait for customer agent’s help. All these improve customer satisfaction, boost employee productivity, enhance business bottom line and reduce service costs.

Dynamics 365 Finance – Gain insights into your finance process.

Dynamics 365 Finance offers capabilities to simplify your finance process. Automate critical tasks, make your budgeting easy, predict customer payments and manage cash flow within your business. Get control over your finance with AI-insights, analytics, planning and analysis and reporting. Improve finance performance with the help from our Dynamics 365 Finance consultants.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – Provide immersive shopping experiences to customers

Dynamics 365 Commerce allows customers to enjoy a seamless purchase across their favorite channels. They can purchase your products or services at their convenience and comfort on any device. This helps to exceed customer expectations, boost brand reach, attract more customers and enhance satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Commerce is enriched with features that help you improve B2B interaction and engagement.

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – Create a strong supply chain with enhanced visibility

Dynamics 365 SCM enables you to have complete control of your supply chain with distribution and demand planning in real-time, resource scheduling, inventory and warehouse management, and transportation. Ensure on-time delivery of the product with demand forecasting and optimize manufacturing process with state-of-the-art manufacturing features.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources – Create a productive workspace

Dynamics 365 Human Resources helps you optimize HR operations and transform employee experiences. Employees can access self-service portals to get relevant information they need. HR teams can simplify their HR tasks such as leave and absence plans, compensation plans, benefits management, and improve recruitment. Link the system with payroll system and Dynamics 365 Finance to automate payroll process and track expenses.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations – Get a unified view of project operations

Designed for project-centric organizations, Dynamics 365 Project operations offers capabilities to drive success across projects. Win more project deals with accurate project estimation, quotes and scope. It ensures you have the right talented people across projects. Besides, you can improve productivity via scheduling, work-breakdown structures, and dashboards.

Depend on ERP and CRM capabilities

Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM to empower a range of business operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprises CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities. The capabilities are comprehensive enough to meet the needs of present-day enterprises.

Dynamics 365 CRM

Dynamics 365 CRM integrates the Dynamics 365 apps for customer service, sales, and marketing. Dynamics 365 CRM is an excellent choice for you to improve sales and service growth – all while maintaining strong relationships with customers. It helps to improve customer engagement, as well as the customer retention rate.

LITS SRVICES is a committed Dynamics 365 Partner providing appropriate Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, helping you achieve your business goals. This makes us a trusted Dynamics 365 implementation partner in Kenya .

Dynamics 365 ERP

Dynamics Finance and Operations ERP helps you have complete control over your supply chain along with finance and customer service.

Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP helps you improve business efficiency, productivity and growth by connecting your sales, customer service, finance, and supply chain.

It is a comprehensive ERP solution that you can deploy to stay competitive in the growing market. LITS SERVICES, as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provider Kenya helps you pick the right Dynamics 365 ERP as per your business needs.

Dynamics 365 provider in Qatar

Deploy only the apps your business needs

Dynamics 365 is so flexible.

It is not essential to invest on the whole Dynamics 365 applications. Select only the apps that are necessary for your business. As your business grows, you can add more apps to your existing Dynamics 365 app.

For example, to improve the sales process, deploy Dynamics 365 Sales only. Later, if you think that you need to streamline your finance process, you can integrate Dynamics 365 Finance to your existing Dynamics 365 Sales app.             

As an experienced Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner in Kenya, we have a clear idea on your business needs. Accordingly, we help you pick the right Dynamics 365 app that best suits your needs.

Other vertical Solutions from LITS SERVICES

Besides offering Microsoft Dynamics Solutions in Kenya, and Dynamics 365 implementation in Kenya we present a range of vertical solutions built on Dynamics 365 ERP to meet the various needs of enterprises.

Our range of vertical solutions include School Management System, Real Estate Management System, Project Management System, Equipment Rental Solution, Localized Payroll Solution, and Retail Solution.

LITS SERVICES offers Dynamics 365 implementation in Kenya and vertical solutions to organizations across various industries. We help our customers to get the most from Dynamics 365 capabilities through necessary customization, and integration.

Get ready to create a digital culture with the foremost Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner in Kenya.

Drive growth and profit by connecting the entire business processes, data and people by partnering with the recognized Microsoft Gold Partners in Kenya.

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