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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply chain Management Solution


Supply chain management forms the central part of most businesses. In a challenging business environment, organizations require intelligent supply chain management system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to effectively manage the flow of goods and provide seamless operations to customers. The application keeps critical operations at high throughput, ensure business continuity, helps business to boost customer satisfaction, and improve the financial standing.

Benefits of choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365:

— Build stronger bonds with customers and improve sales by getting hawk-eye view of client pool.
— Enhance marketing by channel specific campaigns and customer insights.
— Optimization and efficiency through KPIs and operations summary.
— Enhance financial visibility through automated financial visual feeds and insights.
— Streamline Human Resource by hiring and on-boarding valuable assets through automated support.

Gain more visibility into your supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management is a renamed version of Dynamics Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management is a flexible and impactful Microsoft application that creates a resilient supply chain to ensure business continuity while reducing the costs. You can build a sound supply chain strategy for your business with the help of experienced Microsoft Technology Provider in UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, African Countries, Pakistan, India and other parts of world

Let’s look into how we can help your business hassle free with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Helps business to reduce costs to become more resilient
  • Helps business to gain real time cross channel inventory
  • Enable business to easily handle a large volume of transactions every minute
  • Improve operational procedures
  • Advanced project management provides you control over the supply chain
  • Keep customer assets running and enhance customer experience
  • Have full insight into the flow of products
  • Accelerate innovation and respond quickly to issues, and changing customer specifications
  • Lower your product innovation costs
  • Optimize the flow of manufacturing process with advanced warehouse and logistics management
  • Dynamics 365 supply chain management enables businesses adapt quickly to meet growing customer demand and ensure business continuity.
  • Resolve issues and manage product quality
  • Reduce overstocking and stock outs, optimize stock and streamline production and fulfillment
  • Improve demand planning and optimize resource scheduling
  • Procurement processes made easier
  • Automate ware house operations and keep it running continuously
  • On-time shipments
  • Manufacturing process made stronger
  • Keep production running continuously
  • Reduce expensive machine downtimes and improves productivity
  • Enhance the overall equipment effectiveness
  • Enhanced resource scheduling to improve the uptime of mission critical assets
  • Provides on-hand stock visibility in real time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management in many ways is worthwhile for your business operations, as it helps to gain a competitive advantage by keeping your critical processes running at high throughput on the cloud and guarantee business stability.

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Transform the way you do business

LITS SERVICES Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management, the most recognized Microsoft Gold Partner in Dubai UAE helps your business to streamline operations with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Our certified and experienced Microsoft professionals build a competitive environment where your team can make informed decisions quicker and smarter while removing repetitive manual processes. We help your business to intelligently apply predictive insights from AI across all aspects of the supply chain including order fulfillment, planning, procurement, production, stock, warehousing, and transportation to accelerate operational efficiency, product quality and profitability.

We have transformed many small and medium enterprises to gain incremental improvement over business operations through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management in the Middle East, as well as enabled them to clearly achieve the desired transformation outcomes. We offer implementation and after-sales support to customers across GCC countries as well as in other countries across the globe, as well as in all emirates including Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, and many others.

Empower your supply chain operations

LITS SERVICES is a recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management partner in Dubai that empowers organizations with comprehensive suite of Microsoft Dynamics services. Bundled with diverse capabilities Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management helps you manage and optimize operations. From planning to designing to implementation, licensing and support, our experienced and certified Microsoft professionals provide tailored cloud-based solutions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

We are a strategic Microsoft partner for all enterprises in their digital transformation. We have the demonstrated expertise to provide integrated cloud or on-premise solutions to businesses of all sizes, helping them to successfully realize their intended goals. Being the leading Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Consultant in UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA, African Countries, Pakistan, India and other parts of world, we help accelerate operational performance, business growth and agility.

Make supply chain operations more powerful than ever with the Leader in Microsoft Technology. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you integrate vital business processes to improve efficiency.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management FAQ

What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive business solution from Microsoft designed for enterprises of all sizes. An adaptable solution, Dynamics 365 SCM offers capabilities that organizations need to meet their supply chain needs. It covers the entire aspects of the supply chain including product information management, production, inventory, sales, warehouse, planning, distribution and transportation. With proper visibility, it efficiently manages logistics across warehouses and sites, provides faster response to customer demand, and simplifies procurement processes. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors can benefit from this modern supply chain solution.

What are the key modules available in Dynamics 365 SCM?

Asset management module in SCM helps you manage assets and maintenance jobs. You can carry out tasks related to servicing and managing various types of equipment in your company.

Inventory management module helps you manage your inventory activities such as ordering, storing and using inventory such as raw materials, components and finished products.

Warehouse management module helps you manage your warehousing process in an efficient way. Enables optimum placement of goods, accommodate various storage needs, manage how items are stored and picked, and more

Transportation management module optimizes your organization’s transportation by identifying the fastest route for the shipment.   

IoT intelligence which is an add-on for D365 SCM acts on data coming from people and devices in the supply chain to generate insights. This helps you identify any production delay, equipment downtime, and check the quality of product.

Other modules supported by SCM include master planning, procurement and sourcing, service management, cost accounting, and cost management.

How can I buy Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for your business?

You can purchase Dynamics 365 SCM from reliable Microsoft Gold Partners. D365 SCM is priced at $12,970 per user per month. Your Dynamics 365 Partner can help you with proper D365 SCM implementation, support and training.

Their Dynamics 365 experts would have a clear understanding of your business needs and provide integration with other Dynamics 365 apps such as Dynamics 365 Guides, Dynamics 365 Commerce, and Dynamics 365 Finance. With the integration, you can expand the capabilities of application, as well as meet your business objectives. So, when you are thinking of buying any Dynamics 365 application for your business, purchase it from the experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

How automation helps to simplify process in SCM?

SCM synchronizes logistics with your warehouses, sites and transportation. Moreover, it enables you to quickly respond to customer demand through the automation of order to cash process. Order-to-cash happens from the time a customer places an order until they pay for the order. It also reduces the procurement costs through the automation of procure-to-pay processes. Procure-to-pay is the process which includes selection of goods and services, implementing compliance, inventory reconciliation, and payment. Automation improves the efficiency of order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes by automating manual tasks involved in those and reducing errors and delays.

What are the key benefits of Supply Chain Management?

Dynamics 365 SCM allows you to run your organization by connecting various operations. It supports various manufacturing processes like discrete manufacturing, lean manufacturing, and process manufacturing.

It simplifies scheduling with visibility into available resources, as well as optimizing the flow of production material and finished goods with state-of-the-art warehouse and logistics management. The solution improves the quality of the products by identifying issues through AI-powered insights and intelligence.

Dynamics 365 SCM allows for better coordination with vendors, optimize shipping, reduce inventory costs, ensure stronger cash flow, better visibility into supply chain, and create a more agile business.

Which industries use Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

Retailers, manufacturers and distributors can benefit from the SCM system. Manufacturing companies can leverage intelligent manufacturing features to create connected factories, and an efficient supply chain. The solution helps to strengthen manufacturing operations with planning and sourcing, production and distribution, sales and service.

Retail companies can utilize SCM to strengthen inventory visibility, optimize order fulfillment, and enhance supply chain visibility. With efficient supply chain retailers can meet their customer demands and ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, retail organizations can use improved planning capabilities to prioritize orders and to enable real-time inventory planning.

How can I get started with D365 SCM?

It is better to consult with an experienced Microsoft Partner who specializes in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. You can purchase D365 SCM from them and get the implementation done by their Dynamics 365 SCM consultants. Depending on your business requirements and preferences, they customize the solution if necessary to fulfill specific tasks, as well as provide integration, support and training.

Experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners follow a careful approach in a way that delivers quick ROI (return of investment). Their Dynamics 365 experts ensure that the solution can drive to success with improved business performance, growth, productivity and revenue. That is why it is important to depend on a Microsoft Partner like LITS SERVICES to get D365 SCM deployed.

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