Adopting cloud-based technology helps organizations achieve success in the modern environment. World leading enterprises invest in Microsoft technologies to drive growth and revenue. One such Microsoft technology that has the potential to keep your business stay competitive in the emerging market is Dynamics 365.  

Dynamics 365 is a suite of productive applications designed to manage all aspects of processes within your business. The application covers sales, marketing, customer and field service, commerce, HR, finance, and supply chain management. Here we highlight the reasons why you should migrate to the cloud with Dynamics 365.  

Business continuity  

As we know, the worldwide market has been affected by covid-19 pandemic. It has caused large scale disruptions to most of the companies. But organizations with Dynamics 365 have been able to quickly respond to the ongoing, unprecedented situation. The solution enabled their workforce across departments to work from home and ensured business continuitySo, whether it is about managing customers, tracking inventory, maintaining financial management, generating reports, or balancing supply chain demand, Dynamics 365 can guarantee business continuity in all circumstances 

Stay Competitive  

Dynamics 365 helps you stay competitive and keep your business functioning smoothly. Real-time insights into your business provides a comprehensive view of operations and enables your departments to make informed decisions on important aspects. Dynamics empowers your business to accelerate productive capabilities through integrations with Microsoft Office 365 and Power platforms. Dynamics 365 when integrated with Power BI provides you with additional functionalities, helping you move forward in the challenging times.  

Maximize Value 

A major benefit of migrating to Dynamics is that your business can maximize value and performance. It has the potential to produce higher returns compared to on-premises business applications. In the cloud-based Dynamics 365 you do not have to worry about the licensing and upgrade costs, and this is a major cost-saving factor. Moreover, you no longer need to spend on servers to maintain and run your business applicationsAs per the Gartner’s reportscompanies migrated to Dynamics 365 have received a greater return on their investment.  

Enable real-time communication using Microsoft Teams 

Maintaining communication is critical to business success. You can enable real-time communication among users and departments by leveraging the features of Microsoft Teams, a complete collaboration and communication platform. As Microsoft Teams is integrated with Dynamics 365, your users can effectively communicate with each other. You can make audio or video calls with your teams either in defined groups or one-on-one basis on a secure platform.  

Using Microsoft Teams, employees can seamlessly collaborate with Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note. This enables teams to work together in real-time, share documents and more. The real-time collaboration improves productivity and growth. You can even integrate other third-party applications with Dynamics 365.  

Make team collaboration easy with Office 365 

By integrating Office 365 with Dynamics 365, you can enhance the remote working opportunities in a better way. By providing access to office tools employees can easily collaborate and communicate with one other. No matter where your employees are, they can be productive, anytime, anywhere using Office 365. Users can share ideas, work on the same files in real-time and share files among teams.  

Enhance productivity with Dynamics 365  

Dynamics 365 comes with most advanced business features and tools to improve productivity and efficiency of employees. Centralized customer information helps your agents to better engage with customers like never before and the automation features let you focus on what is important for your business. The pandemic has accelerated the cloud migration of many small and medium sized companies across the world. If your business is on any of the Dynamics 365 on-premises plans, you can migrate to cloud-based Dynamics 365 with the support of leading Dynamics 365 provider 

Achieve success with the leading Dynamics 365 Provider 

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