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Neverfail is a market leader in providing software ecosystem for businesses to enhance their computing infrastructure, Neverfail is also a trusted industry leader in Business continuity and Disaster recovery products and solutions.

Neverfail is a frontrunner when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery having experience of serving more than 5000 customers the world over to keep their business functioning with zero downtime, zero latency and downtime free data migration for sensitive processes.



“Businesses that run ceaselessly”

Modern market demands the best digital environment which is always on and ready to serve. Neverfail’s continuity suite of products protect the critical components and applications against downtime and provide highly efficient disaster recovery plans.

Continuity Engine

A unique intelligent system, unlike traditional recovery systems failure to respond against impending failure Continuity engine protects the physical, cloud and hybrid infrastructure of your business proactively while monitoring the availability capacity, health of your software ecosystem and maintains optimal utilization of resources without over burdening the computer resources.

  • Proactive monitoring and protection to prevent downtime before it occurs.
  • Real-Time replication and instant failover for Near-Zero recovery times.
  • Continuous protection for any application on any server environment


  • Streamlined deployment in any environment
  • Proactive application health monitoring
  • Built in WAN acceleration
  • Data recovery without downtime

Continuity engine meets yours high availability and disaster recovery need like none other with application –aware monitoring and recovery.