Microsoft Teams is the comprehensive approach to change the way your business collaborates and think


The employee work culture is undergoing rapid transformation. Now, more than ever, organizations must prioritize enhancing collaboration to achieve better business results and productivity.

For improving collaboration and communication within your business, an innovative collaboration platform is essential, and Microsoft Teams stands as the ideal choice.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration tool designed to change the way users work and communicate with each other. Microsoft Teams allows your teams to chat, meet, call, and collaborate in one place.

This state-of-the-art collaboration platform is already used by leading organizations around the world to improve teamwork and productivity. A part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams connect Office 365 productivity apps (Excel, Word, SharePoint etc.) together and facilitate seamless communication among teams in various departments.

Want to know how Microsoft Teams can lead you to success and achieve a productive work environment?

Microsoft Teams: Collaboration features

Teams and channels on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows individual teams to collaborate across business. Teams can be created with users working in the same department or project. Whereas channels are sections within a team to keep conversations organized based on specific topics, disciplines, or projects. The conversation between users happens in channels.

Video conferencing

Microsoft Teams allows users to collaborate in their work with video conferencing. Make video calls between teams in defined groups or on a one-on-one basis in a more managed and controlled way. You can hold interactive meetings for up to 1000 participants and webinars for up to 10,000 participants

Real-time communication and collaboration

Microsoft Teams makes your team collaboration more organized, within and outside business. Users can edit files in real-time where team members can suggest changes, edit, and share quickly with others. For Example; when users are working on a Word file, members of your team can monitor and provide necessary suggestions on the file.

Online meetings

You can organize your meeting in a quick time. Once the meeting is created you can start chatting with members about things to be discussed, share critical files you need to review, and keep track of the meeting and so.

You can even verify those unknown people who are in the meeting. Recording of the call is also possible on the same working tab. So, when you miss an important business meeting, you can access the recording right there. All these features provide elevated experiences when collaborating and communicating.

Teams Connect

Teams Connect allows users to have real-time chat with anyone outside of your business. Invite team members who are not part of your organization to chat, even though they hold Teams personal account. This enables users to develop a more flexible and long-term collaboration. Users can use shared channels to chat, meet, share, and work on files together.

Using Microsoft Teams, users can collaborate with online apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note. This helps to improve the work on these productivity apps.

Why should you use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a versatile collaboration and communication platform. It is highly user-friendly and creates a productive work environment.

In today’s business environment, team members across departments often communicate and collaborate to improve marketing campaigns, sales, and growth. Adoption of Microsoft Teams lead the path to enhanced communication, sharing and collaboration among teams and customers.

Enterprises using Dynamics 365 can tap the benefits of Microsoft Teams integration. Dynamics 365 integration with Microsoft Teams allows all users to view and collaborate on customer data within Teams. Your sales teams can view and share the sales leads, opportunities, customer history, and more. Customer service teams can share the troubleshooting steps taken for resolving customer cases and case records and track the follow ups.

Microsoft Teams is available as part of Microsoft 365 subscription. By making communication organized and smarter, this platform helps you achieve successful outcomes.

Be productive in your daily tasks with apps in Microsoft Teams

Apps in Microsoft Teams help users be more productive and collaborative in their daily tasks. Microsoft offers a range of secure apps you can use to efficiently connect with customers, provide services and share information. These apps also allow users to be productive in their chats and meetings. You can access these apps from the store.

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