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Recycling Business Vertical

“Every year human population is scaling further heights which translates to increased dependence on natural and synthetic resources. To sustain the need of synthetic resources and curb green house emissions and incorrect waste disposals of these synthetic materials lead to further damages to our environment.”


“LITS Recycling Vertical Solution ensures the policy of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle through our revolutionary and sophisticated software solution.”

LITS is providing cutting edge recycling solution to cater the needs of private and public entities. Our recycling solution is a unified system which gives you control over entire day to day- field services, financials, resource planning, human resources and customer care.



Logistics management

  • Intelligent route planning interface for management/drivers.
  • Plan for short or long time periods and easy day to day planning also available.
  • Calculate the cost to be incurred for the freights.
  • Develop collection schedules that return best returns on transport expenditure.
  • Generate reports about collected materials, offloaded materials and any important summaries.


              Service Management

  • Detailed analysis of operations using automated reports.
  • Control the waste types collected.
  • Store data about clients and access their history from your servers.
  • Automatize the preparation of contract with transparency.


Business Management

  • Integrate sales, campaigns and task management.
  • Differential and Differentiated pricing based on client type.
  • Eliminate double entry of data.
  • Inventory records with integrated applications.
  • Legal compliance according to local legislations.


Financial Management

  • Invoicing can be done after job successfully completed.
  • Calculate the fuel expense.
  • Maintain cost accounts and project accounts.
  • Extensive pricing capabilities.
  • Payroll generation for entire staff and pickup crews.
  • General ledger for accounting.


Route Planner

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Distance and time based cost estimation.
  • Communication interfaces for truck crew according to the integrations opted for.
  • Vehicle tracking via GPS.


Waste Management

  • Waste container management – accepting and moving containers, conducting repair works and availability of
  • Categorise the containers according to the material to be collected.
  • Calculate the approximate volume of waste to be collected, sorted and processed for recycling.
  • Reverse tracking of materials collected.
  • Segregate potential hazardous materials using our intuitive and intelligent system.


ERP Solution

Our recycling vertical is based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central which opens a portal for you to integrate your operations with ERP packages from Microsoft Dynamics suite.”

  • Finance and Operations integration
  • CRM integration
  • Field services integration
  • Office 365
  • Power BI and Power Apps



  • SaaS deployment – Cloud based.
  • On premise deployment-Local server.
  • Hybrid – mixture of cloud and on premise.

Contact LITS sales team and get a demo of our solution, its diverse potentials how to streamline your operations and to know about our customer care and technical support capabilities.