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Resco Field Service Vertical

Resco Field Service Solution

 Why Field Service Vertical? 

Management is one of the key vitalities in a company. Ensuring streamline functioning, effective communication, continuous workflow even during the offline period, and well-tracked activities & signs of progress are must-have essentials that increase the survivability of a business.

Independence – With Field Service, discard your dependency on internet availability and work equally efficiently in online & offline modes. Resco’s cloud security stores all the data on your device when offline.

Paperwork-free – Many small to mid-sized businesses aspire to achieve a 100% paperwork-free business flow. This is a strenuous exercise that hampers your growth and productivity and inflicts supplementary resources, effort, and time wastage. Cut the paper out by getting the manual work done via mobile forms, data collection software, and digital signature on the device’s screen.

Communicate better – The secret sauce behind every profitable business’s success rate is the communication, collaboration, and combined contribution of its employees. When their ideas are in resonance, the company goals become more aligned towards salvation. Sync the app with your CRM  for a seamless flow between the back office, service team, and the customers. It also includes an in-app chat section for smooth conduct.

Guide better – Create an automatic checklist to guide your technicians through any task to ensure attention to precise detailing and never miss out on crucial steps. This assured customer satisfaction in terms of quality deliverance.

Track optimization & response period – Be the beneficiary of a personal assistant that reminds you about your daily tasks, optimal routes, and guides you to your next destination. This practice leads to an apt utilization of your equipment & manpower while eliminating costs and improving the CRM. According to research, 77% of customers consider quicker response periods is one of the most important things a company can do to proffer them with a sense of good service and being cherished. Resco’s Field Service, not only woos your customer, but also your production efficiency. By notifying about impromptu spare unavailability, we increase your overall profitability.



 Retain a work-life balance

Along with work-related schedules, you can also view your recreations. Retaining a work-life balance helps in being productive, mentally healthy, and avoid stressful burnouts.

One-tap scheduling

Plan, create, and schedule customer visits in just one tap! This helps in keeping track of the stops and pave way for reviews!

Scan away!

Now, never lose the contact information of anyone. Resco’s Field Service stores the data of all the business cards scanned, immediately orders the parts whose QR code has been scanned and is scheduled for a replacement, and extract information.

Detailed library storage

Out on a service job travel? Is the competitiveness of the in-hand task calling for manual-based instructions? Fret not, because Field Service allows you to effortlessly store scanned documents for later reference, anytime, anywhere! 


  •       Work Order Automation – Work orders are the heartbeat of a field service organization. And like any other process, it can also be improved. How? Automation! By minimizing the number of stages, a work order goes through, your company would thrive!
  •       Maps, GPS, and Navigation – Our GPS unlocks capabilities such as scheduling, routing, and dispatching, and provides a better service to the customer through reduced drive times.
  •       Document Management – Manually managing, safeguarding, and storing various kinds of documents could be painstakingly difficult, like blueprints, billings, workforce data, feedbacks or reviews, etc. Our document management system makes this easy and helps the technicians and office managers do their job without distractions.
  •       Photo Capture & Storage – Capture, store, and carry an entire database of library, anywhere, everywhere, with ease.
  •       Barcode & QR Code Scanner.
  •       Resource Scheduler & Optimization.
  •       Collaboration Tools.
  •       Invoice Generation.
  •       Signature Capture.