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Retail for Fashion Business Solution

How to make your Retail for Fashion business easier and digital? Many fashion brands in the retail industry have been looking for the best answer to this question for as long as anyone can remember. Fashion business retail like any other retail business requires many distinctive processes that are made much easier with digital integration and LITS provides top level software systems that are integrated to the core combining all operations under one system and automating as much of it as possible. We have a Gold partnership with Microsoft that allows us to use their much reliable and advanced Dynamics 365 software ERP system and modify it exactly according to our clients’ needs and requirements in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA. The integrated and custom ERP system that we provide our clients based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, can provide:

  • Inventory Records Automation
  • Integrated Stock Ordering
  • Integrated Stock Availability Feature
  • Record Keeping for Employees
  • Record Keeping for Clients with Invoices and Bills
  • Automation of Billing System
  • Automation of Finance and Accounting
  • Automation of Staff Wages and Attendance Systems


Traditionally, the fashion industry when it comes to the retail business, has been rather old school, working on old systems and mostly manual paperwork that involved a lot of hard hours for managers and workers. The new and improved ERP systems offered by LITS that are based on Dynamics 365 from Microsoft, aim to improve that by a great deal. We provide completely customized ERP systems that can be modified exactly to suit our clients’ preferences both on the front-end and also the back-end.

Dynamics 365

Microsoft is a much reliable and advanced software company and their software, Dynamics 365 is a fully developed and evolved solutions for custom ERP systems applicable in many different business environments including Retail for Fashion businesses. The Dynamics 365 provided by LITS, can be customized just according to our clients’ needs and requirements enabling them to use the system according to their own preferences. Whether you want front-end customer and shopping related functions or the complex back-end coding and inter-related systems that bind everything together, the perfect ERP systems provided by LITS will serve you best.

Easy and User-Friendly Front-End Interface

A software systems is only as effective as it is easy to use. LITS takes into account the requirements of average business oriented people who might not be that familiar with computers and software solutions and designs the front-end user interface accordingly. We also take in suggestions from our clients while designing their easy to use software interface making everyday tasks as easy for them as possible. Additionally, the Microsoft Dynamics software system is a tried and tested ERP based application provides the most extended customization options for the user interface making it much easier for its users to have what they like where. You will feel right at home with the custom ERP system based on Dynamics 365 provided by LITS in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA.

Secure and Reliable Backend Programming

Not all of the complex coding and programming is visible for the general user when it comes to the complex and perfect ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. LITS makes sure to provide our systems with reliable coding and programing that makes the backend of all processed and daily routines much easier. Our integrated back-end coding provides:

  • Integration with Sales and Stocks on the fly
  • Sales Projections Based on Yearly Events and Occasions
  • Integration with Accounts and Finance Sector
  • Integration with HR and Admin

LITS  has served many happy clients in Dubai, Sharjah, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and all parts of KSA and are always improving our services based on local client needs. Our Gold partnership with Microsoft allows us to tailor our software ERP solutions just according to our client’s needs making their daily business transactions automated as much as possible and so much easier on the whole.