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Seqrite EPS 

“Protecting the endpoint devices connected to your company network and connected to your corporate network using remote desktops clients or giving protection for devices handled by your top level executives and management while on travel and connected outside your corporate network . Seqrite EPS is a total security solution to secure your workstations, portable computing devices and servers.”

Why chose Seqrite endpoint security?

  • Centralised Security – Managed host server which monitors your network 24×7
  • Roaming platform – Admin can dictate the rules and policies which is then sent via the central managed server to the connected nodes.
  • Cloud – Scalable to hundreds of devices, one central security server for multiple branch offices situated anywhere in the world.
  • Antivirus – Antivirus and Anti ransomware protection with regular database updates.
  • Network protection – Added security to your corporate network with intrusion detection system-IDS, rock solid firewall protection for inbound and outbound traffic, also features latest modules of port scan attack prevention and DDOS attack prevention.
  • Alerts- Every threat your network and system are instantly notified through popups, email and mobile messages.

Key features

All in one package – Intelligent and comprehensive security package ensures control over data, applications, asset management, advanced device control and DLP solutions.

Threat protection – Network security and cyber-attack protection through industry certified technologies, experience advanced DNA scan, behaviour detection solutions.

Vulnerability scan – Seqrite EPS monitors both your system and network vulnerabilities and passes notification to the admin and users to install the missing patches and helps you to keep your OS and system applications updated.


Secure Remote Login

Work from or be it be business travels protect your endpoint users from cyber threats using roaming platform enables cyber security.”

Seqrite EPS has a powerful roaming platform which ensures endpoints working out of company network is following the company policies and maintaining compliance.

Data loss prevention – DLP

Secure your companies confidential data and prevent the leakage of business secrets, DLP solution is available for data-at-rest, remote end points and removable devices.

Powered by Go-Deep AI

“Built in AI – from Seqrite”

Deep learning module of Go-Deep has a powerful malware hunting engine which gives it power to learn and remember every single threat in the history of malware threats.

Contact LITS sales team to get a demo and presentation of EPS solution from Seqrite to get to know about rich features and capabilities of Seqrite EPS, helping you to secure your corporate networks and connected devices from cyber threats and data leakage.