Today’s marketing needs a facelift. Actively engaging and guiding customers across their buying journey is essential for achieving success.


Engage your customers in their buying journey, elevate customer experiences, create personalized marketing campaigns, manage leads, and plan and manage events, all these are imperative today to meet your marketing goals.

Do you want to improve your marketing strategies now?

You must have a tailored marketing solution that aligns with your business, so that you can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and bring more opportunities.

Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can adapt well to your business and help you improve marketing with automation, marketing insights, intelligence and analytics, and various other tools.


Marketing Solution


Dynamics 365 Marketing is marketing software designed for organizations looking to increase their marketing efficiency. It easily accommodates your modern marketing initiatives with real-time marketing and traditional marketing.

Real-time marketing and outbound marketing help you create effective marketing strategies to bring in customers for your business. For example, you can create social media campaigns, personalized email campaigns, conduct webinars and events, create forms and landing pages, target customers with personalized content, and more.

D365 Marketing allows you to use the power of automation to optimize your marketing tasks, so that marketing teams can save on their efforts and time, helping to improve their productivity.

Moreover, the software provides insights into every customer interaction which your marketing teams can use to personally target customers. No matter what plans you have for improving your business marketing performance, Dynamics 365 has everything you need to achieve your goals.


Personalize customer journeys


Customer journey is the series of experiences customers go through during their purchasing journey and it includes all interactions they have with your brand.

They interact through various channels including your website, email, social media, phone, mobile apps, and chatbots.

Dynamics 365 marketing allows you to personalize every interaction. Based on customer’s behavior, preferences and interactions with your brand, marketing teams can create and deliver personalized, relevant messages.

Personalizing customer journeys helps you attract customers and win their loyalty, leading to improved relationships and growth.


Real-time marketing


Real-time marketing allows you to interact with customers in real-time. You can plan real-time marketing based on an ongoing or event. It is reacting to your audience in real-time.

The marketing happens through social media channels or emails and is based on customer actions and profile data. When customers perform a specific action, such as connecting to your store Wi-Fi or visiting your website, you can trigger the delivery of personalized messages.

You can respond to customer’s action in real-time through trigger-based customer journeys.

Trigger-based journeys is a marketing technique that triggers sending of messages to customers in action. You can connect with customers on their favorite channels they use. This helps to win their attention and earn their trust.

Some of the real-time channels are:

  • Social media
  • Live chat
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • Webinars



Outbound marketing


Dynamics 365 marketing helps you win more customers through outbound marketing. It offers email marketing, lead scoring, customer journeys, landing pages and social media posting.

Send newsletters and emails, create landing pages for your services or products to grab leads and hand them over to sales departments to turn those leads into customers.

You can conduct in-person events or webinars through the integration of Microsoft Teams and turn those attendees into loyal customers.

You can use both real-time marketing and outbound marketing based on your marketing needs. Your Dynamics 365 Marketing partner can provide you with the right guidance.


What are the other highlights?


  • Amplify your marketing efforts with graphical messages and online content.
  • Drag and drop designer tool to create automated multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Easily connect with the LinkedIn audience.
  • Securely share lead and contact information across business.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your customers and business.
  • Microsoft dashboards and reports provides the health of your marketing performance
  • Identify hot leads that are most likely to become customers.
  • Customize D365 Marketing to meet your specific business needs.


Get ready for a daring start with the leader in Microsoft technologies.


D365 Marketing delivers a powerful marketing solution for today’s business landscape. For this marketing automation, you need the support of Microsoft D365 marketing partners.

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As Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partners, they can implement the solution in a way that perfectly aligns with your marketing goals.

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