Most retail businesses adopt innovative solutions to thrive in the modern business landscape. A comprehensive retail management solution enables your business to better serve the needs of your customers, streamline retail operations, and efficiently cover your retail needs and maximize revenue.

LITS Retail from LITS SERVICES is an all-inclusive retail management software designed with retailers’ and their customers’ requirements in mind. Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the software offers a rich set of features and capabilities that connects all your retail aspects together and deliver quality retail experience to customers.

The solution seamlessly connects your sales, inventory, HR and customer service. If you focus on expanding your retail business and remain more competitive than ever, implement the most advanced retail management software, LITS Retail.

How can LITS Retail transform your retail experience?

LITS Retail is embedded with a customizable graphical user interface that makes the e-interaction faster and convenient. The software seamlessly works on mobile POS which makes it easy to take payments on the go. The retail solution provides a range of language options (multi-lingual support) making it easier for anyone to operate the software.

LITS Retail nurtures customer relationships, retains customers and helps you generate more leads. The solution is enriched with sales capabilities that help you drive more sales. Your sales team can manage their sales activities on the go using mobiles and tablets, make meaningful conversations with customers, connect across channels, and create quality leads.

LITS Retail comes with retail kitting functionality that combines separate but related items into one unit for sale. For example, imagine that your business is into selling computers and other devices related to computers such as monitors, hard drives, keyboards and all. The kitting functionality allows you to pack computers with these peripheral components and sell them together as one unit. Kitting functionality is beneficial for your business and to your customers as well.

LITS Retail supports layaway sales. This method allows customers to make partial payment on a product and take the item later after paying the full amount. This feature ensures consumers will receive the product they have chosen.

Variable pricing technique allows you to sell the same items to customers at different prices. This is a good way to make profits for your business. Another capability in LITS Retail is refund management. It allows your customers to return the product and get the refund easily. This improves customer experiences and will lead to more sales.

LITS Retail provides comprehensive real-time visibility into your current inventory. It helps you recognize additional stocks needed to smoothly run your business. The reporting and analytics features help you make decisions on ordering stock, sales promotions and more. You can make important editing in your stock levels through the software itself.

The HR management capability allows you to monitor the performance of employees and optimize various HR programs such as recruitment of employees, training and career development, payroll management, attendance and leave management and more.

LITS Retail software can be extended with more functionalities through customization.

LITS Retail solution helps you manage and run your retail processes comprehensively. Businesses of all sizes can deploy this advanced software to meet their strategic goals. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other regions of MENA, LITS SERVICES can integrate more Microsoft functionalities to make the solution suitable for your business.

LITS SERVICES provides LITS Retail implementation, support, and training for the customers across the globe. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, etc, we help you transform your retail experiences with the best Retail Management Software, LITS Retail.

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