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155 million endpoints. 500,000+ companies worldwide.
One security software company.

For nearly 30 years, Trend Micro’s unwavering vision has been to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Security is the entire focus, and it shows.

The depth of Trend Micro experience remains unmatched. From the endpoint to the network to the cloud, we’ve got you covered with a connected threat defense recognized by analysts, customers, and industry gurus of all kinds.

A new approach to security

Go beyond next-gen with XGen™ security, a new class of security software that addresses the full range of ever-changing threats—now and in the future. Instead of using separate, siloed security solutions that don’t share information, XGen™ security provides a cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques and a connected threat defense that can protect your organization from all the unseen threats.

    1. Cloud and Virtualization:

The growing use of cloud-based and virtualized computing drives dramatic efficiency and operational gains. But how do you evolve security strategies to fit these environments to ensure performance is not sacrificed and security gaps are not created?

    1. Complex Networks:

The enterprise boundary is gone, with networks extending far beyond the traditional LANs and WANs. Wifi, remote access, branch offices, and the cloud are giving enterprises more flexibility and productivity. Today there are more points to protect than ever, so how do you evolve your network security to go beyond perimeter defenses and detect lateral movement within networks?

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