Microsoft helps organizations to improve online meeting experience through the integration of Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Online marketing meetings can be conducted from within Dynamics 365 Marketing using Microsoft Teams. Teams event functionality which can be incorporated into D365 Marketing allows you to utilize latest event capabilities to hold one-to-many online meetings.

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Let’s explore

Microsoft Teams Webinars

Team webinars capability is an innovative feature in Microsoft Teams that enhances the way you collaborate and hold meetings. This provides new ways of interacting with customers and delivering presentations. When Teams webinars capability combines with Dynamics 365 marketing it can change the way you interact with the participants via online

Now you can conduct interactive meetings and webinars with Microsoft Teams. Using the power of Microsoft PowerPoint and Teams, presenters can feel more optimistic and confident while delivering presentations. Presenters can see the slides appearing, notes, meeting chat and participants in a single view while delivering presentation. You can bring webinars to life with mesmerizing views combining content, audience and more.

Win customers and build loyalty

The new Teams webinars capability is incredibly powerful when you integrate with Dynamics 365 Marketing. The important capabilities include enhanced engagement with participants, simplified event management and seamless follow-up to cultivate relationships, win customers and earn their trust faster.

Event management

With event management functionality in Microsoft Teams, you can conduct interactive meetings and webinars that include sharing of videos and presentations, and polls for up to 1000 participants.

The advantage is that you can organize webinars in a way you want, either from within Microsoft Teams or from Dynamics 365 Marketing.  With large scale virtual meetings, you can significantly save cost and time. This enables your teams to focus on areas that are important to your business.

You can experience enhanced capabilities while hosting the meeting. It includes rich presentation options, host controls such as the capability to deactivate the video or audio calls of the attendees and more. In addition to this, the post-event reporting helps you to understand user participation and make the follow ups with attendees easier.

If you prefer to create event management from within Dynamics 365 Marketing, you will have access to more event management options that helps you get more control over your webinar. At the same time if you create event management from within Teams, you will have the same options but with optional integration of Dynamics 365 Marketing to elevate customer experience.

Enhance participant engagement

You can enhance attendee engagement using PowerPoint Live and Presenter Mode. Easily catch the attention of online participants with these features, as well as deliver more impressive and compelling presentations.

Also, utilize innovative features like Standout Mode which lets presenters appear over content. Easily grab the insights from the participants even after the event meeting or while on the meeting with real-time polls and surveys. This helps marketing teams to make meaningful decisions and drive marketing efforts in the right direction.

You will even get the report of attendees present in the online meeting. You can use this information for the post-event follow up or to shape up your marketing tactics.

Nurture customer relationships

Best part is that you can take advantage of participant engagement data for your marketing purpose. Once your online webinar is concluded, you can transfer the engagement data into Dynamics 365 Marketing with just a mouse click.

These data can be used for personalized post-event communications, automatically creating marketing campaigns and customer journeys for nurturing relationships. The Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing integration provides you more ways to accelerate customer engagement, improve conversions and earn customer loyalty faster and quicker.

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