Enterprises can gain significant benefits from their growing business data. The power of business intelligence comes here. The role of business intelligence cannot be ruled out for the data-driven organizations. Insights from data helps business leaders to make decisions that drive growth and revenue. Business intelligence software can handle large amounts of data, helping businesses to capture market trends and patterns.

Thinking about deploying a right solution to discover actionable insights about your data? Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is the answer.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of apps and services that help enterprises collect, manage, and analyze data from various sources. Power BI connects to a complex data set and generate reports and visuals from the information it is fed. The reports and the visuals from this data can be shared between team members across departments.

Power BI provides insights about past, present actions and suggests the next best actions to make. Enriched with machine learning capabilities, Power BI analyzes your data and identifies patterns in data. These patterns are then used to make data-driven predictions. This enables you to meet future demands, explore new opportunities and meet other key performance metrics.

Power BI for your business

Power BI presents your data through striking visuals. This makes it easier for you to connect with the facts. You can assemble, analyze, and visualize data from across your business processes, helping you gain insights into operations and performance, and allowing you to make meaningful decisions based on real-time data.

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Important benefits of using Power BI

Microsoft Power BI can connect to huge quantities of data and analyze, share, and promote insights across your business while maintaining consistency, security, and accuracy.

Machine language capabilities can analyze data and helps users to detect important trends and make predictions

Information can be visualized using powerful templates helping your business to better understand their data. You get AI-powered answers to questions related to your business

Users can work together on the same data, reports and share insights across Microsoft Teams and Excel, enabling and empowering everyone to make data-driven decisions

Users can create and customize dashboards for easy access to their data. Intuitive interface makes it simple for users to navigate complex spreadsheets

Microsoft Power BI easily integrates with Microsoft productivity tools including Office 365, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint, as well as other third-party products such as SAP, Google Analytics and more

With Microsoft end-to-end protection, Power BI ensures your confidential business data is safe even when shared outside your business.

Microsoft Power BI helps to maximize revenue growth and identify areas of improvement. Here are some of the business processes in which you can gain benefits from business intelligence.

  • Customer Service: As all the customer data is stored centrally, your customer service teams can get insights about your customer trends, behavior and interests. These insights will be helpful in targeting customers.
  • Sales and Marketing: You can gain insights into your sales and marketing performance and other aspects. You can know where your sales and marketing is heading towards.
  • Finance: You can get a total view of your business finance, forecast trends and calculate risks using the insights from financial data.

Propel your business growth by integrating Microsoft Power BI with Dynamics 365

When you integrate Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can enhance sales, deliver exceptional customer service, improve business productivity, and promote growth. Implement the right Power BI solution that best fit your business by partnering with experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners like LITS SERVICES.

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