The term ‘customer journey’ is often heard among businesses, especially in the marketing and sales realms. You might be wondering what customer service exactly means and why it holds significance for your marketing and sales activities.

Today’s customers are smart when it comes to making purchases, despite the product. They may visit your website, check out your social media platforms, or even meet in person, before making their purchasing decisions.

These collective customer interactions are referred to as ‘customer journey.’

The series of interactions which occur at specific moments through various touchpoints, such as social media, online advertisements, websites, or phone can be visually represented through customer journey mapping.

Marketing teams can strategically create and manage interactions at various touchpoints throughout the customer’s buying journey, which is accomplished through customer journey mapping.

By using customer journey maps, marketers can gain insights into customers’ experiences with your brand, including their opinions, product preferences, and the likelihood of making a purchase.

Let us understand this concept through an example

Imagine a customer’s relationship with a particular smartphone brand that you are selling.

Awareness stage: The customer first becomes aware of your store through an online ad while browsing the internet or social media.

Consideration stage: They visit your website, browse various versions of their product, and review its features and ratings.

Purchase stage: They add the product to the cart and complete the purchase.

Post-purchase: After buying, they receive follow-up message via SMS or email. They start using their phone. If they encounter any issue, they may contact you for assistance. Customers may leave negative or positive comments based on their experience.

In this scenario, the interactions or touchpoints include seeing the advertisement, visiting your website, making a purchase, and receiving follow-up messages for the purchase. Marketing teams can build and manage these interactions at each stage. This process of generating a visual representation is customer journey mapping.

Understanding customer interactions with your brand helps you tailor marketing, product sales, and support to deliver exceptional experience to customers.   


What are the benefits of customer journey mapping?

A customer journey map is important for marketing and sales activities. It helps you learn about their desires, choices, behavior, and overall experiences at various touch points.

With deep understanding from customer journey mapping, your teams can create marketing campaigns with relevant content that matches customers’ interests, helping you increase your chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Benefits of customer journey mapping

Understand channel performance


Customer journey mapping provides transparency into the performance of each communication channel, shedding light on how effectively these channels engage customers and influence their behavior.

For example, let us consider the channels you use, such as social media platforms, websites, or email marketing. Customer journey mapping can help you evaluate the effectiveness of each of these channels or touchpoints in influencing your target customers. You can gain insights into the channels that are performing well and driving conversions, as well as identify areas that need improvement.

Identify bottlenecks

Customers may encounter challenges during their purchasing journey. Customer journey mapping enables you to identify the barriers customers face address these issues.

For example, there may be situations where customers abandon their shopping carts during the checkout process, which is a bottleneck. With customer journey mapping, you can proactively enhance the shopping experience to reduce such instances.


Understand customer wants

Customer journey mapping helps you learn about your customers. It provides a clear picture of them, with insights into their needs, trends, transactions, behavior, and experiences.

Customer journey mapping provides insights into what your customers want.

For instance; Through data analysis, you can uncover why customers often abandon shopping carts or seek discounts and promotions through feedback. With this knowledge, you can simplify the checkout process by eliminating unnecessary steps. Additionally, you can create a dedicated section for email subscribers with promotional codes to enhance the shopping experience.

Enhance decision making

Customer journey mapping provides valuable insights into customers’ real experiences throughout their purchasing journey. These insights are invaluable for your teams as they determine the most effective actions to take in their marketing or sales initiatives.

This underscores the idea that by analyzing customer feedback, observing their behaviors and interactions, you can make well-informed decisions that prioritize the customer experience and align with customers’ needs.

Enhance Customer Experience

Customer journey mapping offers in-depth understanding about your customers, it helps you explore ways to make each interaction fruitful. This not only elevates customer satisfaction but also increases their loyalty towards your brand.

Role of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent applications designed for streamlining business processes with a range of advanced features, including the capability for customer journey mapping. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, an application that is a mix of Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights, can create customer journey mapping with the visual journey builder.

This capability makes it easier for marketing teams to achieve successful sales conversions by creating impactful customer journey mapping. D365 Customer Insights provides AI features to accelerate customer engagement, generate and foster more sales-ready leads, and attract more customers to your business.

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