Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best ERP solution for your business?

If you are looking for a software solution to manage business processes, what would you choose- standalone software for each process or an ERP solution?

It makes sense to choose a complete business management solution for your business. Why?

It integrates core business processes, provides deep visibility into business, and gives you a competitive edge in the market.

When it comes to such a solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the perfect choice.

Business Central is a complete business solution embedded with rich features that automates processes, improves productivity and simplifies your business operations. It connects your key business processes including finance, manufacturing, sales, customer service, supply chain and more. The integration feature allows you to add Microsoft tools, other Dynamics 365 apps and third-party systems to expand capabilities.

Is D365 Business Central designed for all business types and sizes?

Yes, Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed for small and medium sized businesses. No matter what industry you are into, you can choose Microsoft’s business management solution.

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Let us see what you can achieve using Business Central       

Financial Management:

Configuration of most financial processes is possible in Business Central

  • Ensure incoming payments have been processed and cash is deposited into bank account
  • Manage outstanding debts or liabilities to vendors
  • Manage inventory costs and reconcile costs with general ledger
  • Post income or expenses directly to the General Ledger
  • Assign additional costs, post employees personal expenses, and reimburse
  • Keep track of cash flow in and out of your business
  • Evaluate financial statements in Excel

More financial goals can be achieved through financial features

Sales and Marketing

D365 Business Central simplifies your sales and marketing process.

  • Create sales campaigns to target customers, win new customers and retain existing customers
  • Prioritize sales leads throughout the sales process
  • Marketing feature provides precise outline of contacts to provide efficient customer service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Automate purchase order approval
  • Simplify lead-to-cash process
  • Manage drop shipment, inform customers of order delivery dates
  • Effectively manage sales and marketing campaigns, contact management, document management, sales order and processing, and interaction management.

D365 covers the whole aspect of the selling process, from customer registration to making sales quota, creating sales invoice and sales order, and posting sales.


D365 Business Central simplifies inventory process

  • Maintain items and sort by organizing them in categories, enables easy searching of items
  • Record the level of inventory after posting sales and purchase orders.
  • Perform physical counting of inventory
  • Transfer stock between locations
  • View the availability of items between locations.

The configurations can be done as per your business requirements.

Project Management:

Perform project management jobs in D365 Business Central

  • Create jobs, assign the resource, manage job budgets and track progress.
  • Monitor employee hours on projects using time sheets.
  • Get an overview of project progress, allocation of resources such as employees, assets and so.


Dynamics 365 Business Central covers a range of manufacturing functionalities


  • Simplifies manufacturing with intelligent planning, scheduling, distribution and inventory
  • Reduce disruptions in manufacturing
  • Support lean, discrete, and process, and mixed-mode manufacturing types
  • Use AI and IOT for efficient manufacturing process
  • Demand forecasting to determine the supply and reduce expenses.

Warehouse management:

  • Ensure a smooth flow of materials through the warehouse
  • Manage inbound and outbound operations
  • Create bin and determine the ideal bin location for storing goods based on capacity
  • Support cycle counting to audit on-hand inventory materials
  • Manage items that are in transit between warehouses
  • Support cluster picking – Picking items for multiple orders

Service management:

D365 Business Central offers a range of tools to support field service operations

  • Deliver superior experiences to customers, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Efficiently manage field service operations on-time by dispatching service technicians
  • Properly schedule service calls and create service orders
  • Deliver service technicians based on their expertise and availability

Besides these features, D365 Business Central offers integration capabilities that you can leverage to integrate Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform and other Dynamics 365 applications. Dynamics 365 consultants at LITS SERVICES provide a detailed understanding of Business Central, customizations needs and integration, so that, you can set business goals and achieve. They also help you choose the right licensing plan based on your needs.

Be ready to deploy this Powerful ERP from Microsoft            

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