Make Business Communication Effective with 3CX
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Make Business Communication Effective with 3CX

Partnering with LITS SERVICES guarantees business success with greater revenue and customer retention rates.

At LITS SERVICES, we help organizations in improving communication and collaboration with their teams and customers by providing a world-class PBX business phone system, 3CX.  

As a Microsoft Partner and 3CX reseller, LITS SERVICES makes it easy for your business to obtain the next-generation PBX Telephone system that reduces telco costs, accelerates productivity, and increases customer satisfaction.

Looking to deploy a world-class PBX telephone system within your business? As your telco solution partner, we are with you every step of the way.

3CX System

What is the 3CX telephone system?


3CX is a software-based IP PBX phone system that enables seamless communication within businesses. It supports various devices, including desktops, mobile phones, and phone hardware. 3CX software can be hosted in the cloud, on-premises (on a local server), or both.

Additionally, 3CX integrates seamlessly with CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, enhancing business interactions and communication processes. Whatever the size of your business is, this unified communication tool offers innovative telephony features that take your business communications to the next level.

With its flexibility and scalability, the 3CX solution is considered the best IP PBX system for small and growing businesses. Powered by revolutionary technology, this cloud-based PBX can improve your business’s productivity while reducing costs.

    3CX Phone

    3CX Software: Features


    Live Chat and Messaging

    • 3CX Live Chat
    • SMS/MMS
    • Connect with WhatsApp and Facebook
    • Call and Chat Reports


    Call Management

    • Set up IVR Menus and call queues
    • Create Voice Apps
    • NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities
    • Text to Speech and Speech to Text
    • Call Routing
    • Queue Announcements
    • Outbound Dialer and Callback Scheduler

    Video Conferencing

    • Face-to-Face Video Meetings
    • Browser-Based 3CX Video Conferencing
    • HD Video and Audio using Google WebRTC
    • Create Online Meetings
    • Join 3CX Video Conferencing Without Account

    CRM Integration

    • Support Major CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and More
    • Sync All Contacts
    • Launch Calls Directly
    • Call Microsoft Teams Users
    • Call Recordings and System Backups
    • Create Customer Records Automatically

    Remote Connectivity


    • Stay Connected Remotely with Mobile VOIP Apps
    • Make And Receive Calls Using Office Numbers from Anywhere
    • Respond to Calls and Messages from Anywhere
    • Headset Support
    • Manage Calls from Desktop and Web Browser
    • Free Video Conferencing
    • Manage Calls and Messages on the go

      Achieve secure, reliable, and seamless communication with 3CX and LITS SERVICES

      3CX Solution: Benefits


      Let us explore the benefits of the 3CX Phone System:




      • Makes Business Communication Simpler and Effective
      • Keep Your Team always Connected and Productive
      • Host Meetings without Downloading the Software
      • Create Online Meetings through your 3CX Meet link
      • Build Better Business Relationships Through Face-To-Face Video Meetings

      Highly Cost-Effective


      • Deploy 3CX easily and quickly
      • Easily Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
      • Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or both
      • Centralize Your Communication into a Single System
      • Save Big on Your Phone Call and Phone Costs
      • Flexible Licensing Models

      Unified Communication


      • CRM Management
      • Live Chat and Web Conferencing
      • IOS, Android and Web Apps
      • SMS, Email, and Instant Messaging
      • Improve Customer Service
      • Support Remote Work
      • Enhanced Security

      Live Chat


      • Interact with Website Visitors in Real-time
      • 3CX Live Chat is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365
      • Accelerate Customer Engagement
      • Enhance Customer Satisfaction


      Why 3CX for your Business?


      • Easy and cost-effective subscription.
      • Use your existing lines.
      • Mobile Apps for remote working.
      • Easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, MS 365, and other CRM systems.
      • Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration.
      • Integrate 3CX Live Chat in your business website and boost conversions.
      • 3CX Solution for business communication.
      • Reduce operational costs.
      • Easily deploy on virtual machines (Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM platforms).
        3CX Benefits

        Replace your Outdated PBX system with a modern 3CX PBX System and Increase your Phone Capability.


        As a 3CX reseller, LITS SERVICES can help businesses set up, customize, and support their 3CX phone system, as well as offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation and support, and vertical solutions for various industries. Our certified 3CX professionals help you seamlessly integrate 3CX software with your current CRM system and help you get the most out of it, making business communication easier and effective.

        LITS SERVICES has a presence in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Germany, Jordan, Canada, Kuwait, Pakistan, and India, and serves businesses across various industries.