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Localized Payroll UAE and other GCC Countries

LITS SERVICES has developed 2 localized payroll app for UAE and other GCC countries with the name LITSPAY and made available on Microsoft Appsource.

LITS Payroll is a comprehensive and trusted payroll solution built on top of Microsoft Dynamics D365 Finance & Operations. It specifically covers requirements put by labor laws of GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) countries and matches perfectly to needs of businesses operating in this region. The key features include: 


  • End-of-Service / Gratuvity Calculator
  • Employee Contact Management: based on the localization of Labor law (e.g. GOSI, UAE Labor Law etc.) employee contract can be created and managed in system. 
  • Employee Document Management: Employee documents management with expiry notifications can be managed. 
  • Employee payroll Master: Manage employee payroll data like basic salary, deduction elements, earning and salary calculations. 
  • Payroll processingpayroll processing with multiple cycles like monthly, end of service and ad hoc basis.  
  • Time add Attendance: Interfacing with attendance machines with approvals 
  • Leave Management: Employee leave setup and calculations as per region law, with the facility of parameterized carry forward option.  Employee leave encashment based on the setup can also be calculated and posted through system.  
  • Loan Management: Employee loan pay and deduction installment management with the system. loan payment and deduction can be process with payroll run. 
  •  Employee Ticket Management: based on the policy employee ticket management and reimbursement options are available. 
  •  GL Interface: System will seamlessly post the financials as per the flexible account setup for payroll components. 
  • Payroll Accruals: system will post the ticket and leave accruals based on the setup.   
  • Overtime and undertime: Overtime allowance and undertime deduction will be based on the calculation setup and approvals.  
  • Employee Self-service: Employee self-service poral is available for requests like leave, Salary certificate, NOC , Passport release, reimbursement , expense claim etc.