LITS Retail


System: –

1. Customizable Graphical User Interface – Unlike the other unchangeable GUI solutions, we provide 100% customizable e-interaction.
2. Mobile POS – A portable point of sale for a digitalized registration procedure. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, to take credit card payments on the go.
3. Multi-lingual – Just like our presence, LITS RETAIL offers a diverse set of language options, which makes it easier for anyone to operate it.
4. Barcode scanning – a convenient way to pass information from the physical to the digital world. One can find its applications in encoding structured data such as contact information, etc.
5. User Login Security – Designed to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data. After failed login attempts, the intruder is disallowed access.
6. Kitting Functionality – To enhance the user experience, separate but similar items are grouped together. Example: when searching for a laptop, the user will also find different options for mouses, keyboards, etc.
7. Transactions – Close watch and monitoring of card payments, drawer, close cash, pay-ins & outs, customizable receipts, etc.

Sales: –

1. Account Management – Pre & post sales activities such as nurturing client relationships, retain the business, and generate more prospects.
2. Finances – Monitoring the number of sales, revenue generates, settlements, receipt customization & edition, receipt notes, and partial payment history.
3. Layaway Sales – Pre-requisites of a layaway sale, that is usually initiated in exchange for a layaway stake.
4. Reservations – Easy and hassle-free updating of the reservations.
5. Remote/Kitchen Printer – A dot POS (point of sale) printer for all the customers’ needs, hospitality, and retail industries.
6. Variable Pricing – A pricing strategy method that varies the prices depending upon the region, sales location, date, etc. Some common examples include yield management, congestion pricing, etc.
7. Refund Management – Managing, tracking, and commencing refunds through digital means could save you from painstaking and mundane tasks through automation.
8. In-sale Stock Check & Editing – Never run out of in-sale stocks through reporting and analytics solution that enables you to make informed decisions like stock ordering, promotions, staffing, etc.

Inventory: –

Counteracting the threats of inventory shortages and mismanagements could be arduous. But, for companies with intricate supply chains and manufacturing processes, it is just a few clicks away with our loss prevention, minimal & maximal stock limit setters, multi-warehouse management, real-time lookup, inventory stocks’ transaction management, user-definable buttons, stocks’ level management, supply management, categories, etc.

Employee: –

Disciplinary breeds productivity. Now, with our employee management features, monitor the entering & leaving time with precision. This would not only help the employees to track their progress and do better, but also be beneficial for the company. A detailed background information database will help in taking attentive decisions, and the payroll management ensure timely pay, and well-distributed bonuses.

With these services, we strive to deliver a better retail experience to the business owners around the industrial sphere. And with our professional expertise, 24×7 IT support, and over 2 decades worth of experience, we believe we can!