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Property and Real Estate Management Software Solutions in UAE

LITS property and real estate management solution is an innovative vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Package.”

“Perfect softwares solution for realtors and developers alike”

With each passing year the need for quality living spaces is sky rocketing, the general public is in search for living spaces and properties to suite their budget and comfort. The realtors and property developers having access to modern properties require sophisticated software solutions to maintain, upkeep and market the properties.

Key Features – Real Estate Management Solution

  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Lease/Rental agreements
  • Facility maintenance


Your journey towards digital transformation is made simple by our experienced team of developers who value your inputs and customise the property vertical accordingly.

“From printed portfolios and Paper accounts migrate to Dynamics 365 based property management to start your journey towards a paperless company to build a sustainable real estate organisation.”

  • Microsoft Azure based cloud deployment transform your business into a fully mobile entity- interact with customers and maintain total control over your properties and Real estate management.
  • Business analytics and Intelligence is provided by built in AI.
  • Total customer satisfaction though latest CRM integration.
  • Generate and nurture potential leads to convert them into future businesses.
  • One resourceful module through which sales and lease business is automated.

“Grow your real estate business and expand your capabilities by employing latest cloud based or on-premise property management software solutions.”

Improve Sales

  • Vastly increase the rate of a successful property or real estate sale/lease.
  • Improve the bottom line by conducting real estate business with high quality leads.
  • Assess the past trends using analytic and plan for the future.

Customer service

  • Sophisticated CRM solution built upon Dynamics CRM.
  • Personalized care for individual customers by creating individual customer profiles.
  • Serve your real estate customers anytime and anywhere via cloud and mobile features.

Facility Management

  • Custom built facility management.
  • Utilize technicians more efficiently.
  • Clear customer complaints in shortest time.

Property Management

  1. Properties and Assets

“Unmatched performance and resourceful software’s to manage and run your portfolio of properties or real estate.

  • Property Unit listing

Use our real estate management software solution in Dubai UAE to list the available properties in a manner that all available listings are up for your glance 24×7 across multiple devices and platforms.

  • Property Unit status transition

Mark the units that have been occupied and mark others that are unoccupied as available without any hassle.

  • Facility & Asset management

Provide proper care for your assets by adding the properties to our software solution and monitor them so that performing necessary maintenance is done effortlessly.


  1. Property Sales

Every process related to property sales is covered under our property or real estate management software vertical right from customer enquiry to all the way up to possession and handover taken care by our property management vertical solution in Dubai UAE.

  • Property sales enquiry handling
  • Booking conversations
  • Comprehensive approval mechanism
  • Auto payment schedule generation
  • Invoice generation & payment collection
  • Multilevel approval process
  • Agreement generation
  • Possession and handover


  1. Property Lease

Similar to property sales feature our solution encompasses entire process flow required for a successful lease agreement, satisfying both lessor and lessee.

  • Property lease/rental enquiry
  • Lease reservation conversation
  • Approval mechanism
  • Auto payment schedule
  • Contract management
  • Facility Management

Solution Architecture

LITS is providing highly customised version of Dynamics 365 customer engagement which is backed by numerous built in business process. Property or real estate management software solution is tied with business intelligence, customer insights and cloud deployments in in Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and India..

“Achieve better lead generation, successful transactions and increased business volume.”

Key Components

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Customer service
  4. Filed service



“Tired of pursuing unfruitful leads? Having issues with targeted marketing and event related marketing?

  • Packaged with drag and drop interfaces to create landing pages.
  • Targeted marketing aimed at specific users.
  • Host events with participation of prospective clients.


Customer Management

Our real estate customer management module works as a total grievance cell and an interactive portal for the customers to make enquiries regarding lease, rental and to schedule appointments and reservations.

  • Customer has the provision for booking complaints.
  • Reminders for routine maintenance and service.
  • Allocation of human resources according to the nature of complaint.

“Comprehensive customer management made possible through Dynamics 365.”

The customer engagement and Automation functionalities are built upon robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications which is highly customisable according to customer preference.


Microsoft 365 Integration

“ Connect your entire operations, service personnel, top-bottom and mid-level employees with your management via Microsoft 365 Integration in in Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and India..”

  • All of the traditional Microsoft Office software are now available as subscription service for individual users.
  • Cloud storage available according to opted license.
  • Available across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Common dashboard with AI integration.
  • Video conferencing using Microsoft teams.
  • Interactive graphs and visual presentations.
  • File tracking.


Cloud and Mobility

With Data redundant Microsoft Azure servers which have superiors processing capabilities- your property management solution data is safe and secured with utmost importance for user privacy and sensitive data.

  • Low latency
  • Access to Power BI and PowerApps.
  • Cross platform availability
  • Mobile interface for portable devices


Project/Building management

“This utility helps our customers to manage the unit they have rented/leased to their customers.”

  • Individual profile for each unit
  • Floor wise breakdown
  • Allocate parking and space
  • Keep tab on entire community

Additional Business processes

  1. Sales and Purchase Process
  2. Lease/Rental Process
  3. Enquire Management


Our property management or real estate management software solution in in Dubai UAE is a native solution built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Customer Engagement platform, allowing this platform to integrate with any ERP and CRM solutions falling under Dynamics 365 suite.

  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Business central
  • Dynamics 365 CRM