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No other application delivers personalized purchasing experience than Dynamics 365 Commerce.
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Power your retail business in Kenya and unlock opportunities for sustainable growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

To thrive in the rapidly emerging Kenyan market, retailers must look beyond traditional solutions and adopt innovative retail solutions.
By adopting advanced retail solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, retailers can overcome present-day retail challenges and differentiate themselves in the market.
Transforming your retail business with Dynamics 365 Commerce requires the expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in Kenya.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is an advanced retail business solution that provides comprehensive features and capabilities to efficiently manage all aspects of retail operations. It is an omnichannel solution that brings together all aspects of retail operations, enabling you to enhance your brand image by delivering personalized experiences across multiple channels.
From effective merchandising of your products or services to delivering personalized experiences to customers across all channels, Dynamics 365 Commerce help your retail business unlock new opportunities for sustainable growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner Kenya

Expert guidance of Microsoft Partner is essential for a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce in Kenya.

As an experienced Microsoft partner, LITS SERVICES is committed to building solutions using Dynamics 365 to streamline business operations and improve business growth. With its vast experience in the Kenyan market, we have a deep understanding of the evolving market conditions and the unique challenges that businesses face, particularly the retail market.

By joining with subject experts, our D365 Commerce consultants configure and customize the commerce solution for your retail business. This approach ensures that the implementation is tailored to your specific requirements and aligns with the market trends in Kenya.

LITS SERVICES for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce in Kenya

LITS SERVICES helps retail organizations to build an omnichannel solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce in Kenya. We ensure your business can leverage the full potential of the commerce solution with right configuration, customization, integration and implementation.

  • Consulting: Expert guidance on all aspects of D365 Commerce and its benefits for growing your retail business.
  • Implementation: Assists you in selecting the appropriate licensing plan and implementing it according to your specific needs.
  • Customization: Customize D365 Commerce to ensure that it meets the specific needs of your business, enabling you to manage retail operations more efficiently.
  • Integration: Integrate D365 Commerce with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other D365 apps and third-party apps to enhance productivity
  • End-to-end support: Technical consultants provide thorough support to handle unexpected issues and resolve customer queries.
  • Migration: We help you migrate smoothly from your existing retail system to Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Move from your legacy retail system to top-notch retail software with the help of Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner in Kenya.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce: Advantages

  • Deliver personalized interactions to customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and behavior, helping you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • D365 Commerce provides customers with a seamless purchasing experience, ensuring they can engage with your brand across different channels on any device, at any time without any trouble.
  • D365 Commerce allows you to manage your entire retail operations on a single platform, eliminating the need for having multiple systems and manual processes and reducing operational costs.
  • The solution offers advanced features such as merchandising, inventory management and distributed order management to manage your retail operations more effectively. This helps you better serve customers and increase business revenue.
  • D365 Commerce provides tools to create engaging website for their online customers, helping you attract and engage customers and encouraging them to browse and purchase products.

Dynamics 365 Commerce: Pricing

Dynamics 365 Commerce is a subscription-based service. As a Dynamics 365 partner, we can help you deploy the right licensing plan for your organization in Kenya.

Dynamics 365 Commerce is priced at $180 per user per month. This plan includes important capabilities for managing omnichannel retail operations.

Add-in for Dynamics 365 Commerce is available at the price from $4,000 per month.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce: Capabilities

Omnichannel Commerce

  • Combine in-store, customer service and back-office operations
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences
  • Seamless management of inventory, pricing, and promotions

Customer loyalty

  • Endless purchasing options
  • Identify upsell opportunities
  • Product recommendations

Optimized operations

  • Optimized back-office operations with cloud intelligence
  • Advanced merchandising and inventory management
  • Distributed order management, pricing and promotions
  • Derive insights from data across business

AI-driven commerce

  • Context-aware product search
  • AI-based product recommendations
  • Fraud protection
  • AI-moderated ratings and reviews

Sales reporting and analytics

Consistent experience to customers across all touchpoints

    • Analyze sales trends, and performance
    • Assess store performance and product profitability
    • Track sales and margin performance