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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a productive application in the Dynamics CRM.
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Improve customer relations and personal care with the best CRM software in Qatar

Personalization in customer care is more critical than ever. Personalized customer service relies on data about customer interactions with organizations.

Customer relationship management software effectively monitors, manages, and stores customer relationship data. In building effective customer relationships within organizations in Qatar, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM stands as a matchless solution.

Dynamics CRM’s flexibility and scalability make it a practical solution for adapting to evolving business needs and supporting growth. This adaptability not only reduces operational expenses but also guarantees the achievement of desired outcomes.

LITS SERVICES is your reliable partner for deploying Dynamics 365 CRM. With our deep experience in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, we are proud to be the leading Dynamics 365 CRM partner in Qatar, providing expert support for setup, customization, and implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: Deliver best customer care and drive sales growth

The Dynamics CRM solution efficiently manages and stores customer interaction information within your organization. It consolidates this customer data into a centralized platform and provides valuable insights into customer behavior, transaction history, and interests. These insights can then be used by your sales, marketing, and service agents to enhance customer experiences.

Microsoft CRM combines technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation with built-in intelligence tools. These innovations drive transformations across your business processes, making D365 the ideal CRM software in Qatar.

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Software: Capabilities


Seize Every Sales Opportunity: D365 CRM captures prospective customer data and existing customer data and delivers in-depth insights. This empowers sales teams to track the progress of each lead throughout the sales process, ensuring that no sales opportunities go unnoticed.

Sales Tracking: Sales monitoring feature offers a real-time view of your entire sales process within the sales pipeline. With this accurate view, sales teams can identify bottlenecks in the sales process and track the successful closure of deals.

Generate Insights: AI provides sales teams with insights that help prioritize sales tasks. This strategic approach allows your teams to optimize costs and effort, enabling them to make decisions about when to transfer sales leads to other teams or if further follow-up is required.

Automation: Automation simplifies tasks across sales, marketing, and service, such as generating sales quotes, invoice processing, collecting customer feedback, and sending marketing emails. This reduces the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks.

Lead Management: The Lead Management feature assists in managing leads from lead capture to lead qualification, and in identifying sales-ready leads. This simplifies the sales process, enabling your team to close sales deals more quickly.

Omnichannel support: The Omnichannel capability in D365 CRM enables agents to provide customer service across various online platforms, ensuring that customers receive service through their preferred channels.

Analytics: Analytics capability evaluates customer data and offers insights into customer trends, behavior, interests, and purchase transactions. These insights help your team to design personalized marketing campaigns with relevant content, target specific customers, and deliver personalized services


Dear Customer, Ready to talk about your next project with the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Dynamics 365 CRM: Advantages


Boost customer satisfaction

The CRM system seamlessly aligns sales and marketing departments, empowering teams to engage with the right customers at the right time. Reaching customers on their preferred channels improves their satisfaction and encourages them to continue their relationship with you in the future.

Improves sales performance

CRM identifies promising leads and provides valuable insights. The sales team can use these insights, like customer behavior and previous transactions, to convert them into customers, speeding up sales deals and improving overall performance.

Create strong relationship with customers

 CRM brings together customer and sales data, using AI and built-in tools to give insights into customer trends and behavior. This helps teams create strategies for sales, marketing, and customer service, building trust and stronger relationships with customers.

Unearth insights from your business data with Microsoft Power BI

Self-service solutions

CRM’s intelligent chatbots empower users to independently resolve issues, speeding up customer case resolution. With the self-service capability in Dynamics 365, you can enhance customer service, satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.

Customization and Integration

Microsoft CRM is easily customizable to meet your growing needs. It also integrates with Microsoft productivity tools like Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365 apps, and third-party systems and apps.

Drive business growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in Qatar

 At LITS SERVICES, we adhere to industry best practices for implementing Dynamics 365 CRM in Qatar. Our D365 functional consultants, with a deep understanding of Qatar’s emerging market, tailor and deploy the solution to align with your specific business needs.

As a leading Dynamics 365 CRM partner in Qatar, we leverage our extensive experience in deploying Dynamics 365 solutions with the right customization and integration across multiple industries. Our commitment includes thorough deployment with the right customization and integration to enhance the benefits for your business.