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Build a modern workspace with the leading Human Resource Management Software

Human Resources plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. By implementing modern HR management solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources, organizations in Saudi Arabia can bring about a major transformation within their human resource domain.

As you plan to transform your HR processes with D365 HR, you can seek help from certified Microsoft partners in Saudi Arabia. Their skilled professionals can provide expert guidance and support in implementing Dynamics 365 HR, helping you streamline HR processes and create a modern work environment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources: A Scalable HR Solution

Microsoft D365 Human Resources is a scalable HR management software that helps organizations to simplify their HR processes. The solution offers unique features that help employees access their data without the help of HR personnel, simplify HR functions and increase organizational agility.

Additionally, built-in intelligence, automation capabilities, and reporting make HR processes simpler, faster, and more accurate. It helps you gain an edge in the growing business landscape with improved productivity and a skilled workforce.

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Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Employee self-service: Update personal details, centralized portal, access relevant employee documents and profiles, submit time off requests, access time-off balances, and track performance goals.

Leave and Absence: Centralized platform for managing leave and absence, creating leave policies, handling time-off requests, reporting, real-time visibility, and integration.

Benefits Management: Comprehensive benefits administration, customization of benefit plans, self-service capabilities, and online benefits enrollment.

Compensation Management: Efficiently handle base pay, incentives, stock options, grants, and diverse compensation plans to ensure fair and accurate compensation management.

Training and Certification: Create and manage employee training programs, assess employee skills, improve quality of hire, LinkedIn learning courses, and set up training courses

Integration: Integrate with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, automate various HR processes, and visualize HR data, and integrate with HR solutions

Simplify HR processes with the help of Dynamics 365 Human Resources Partner in Saudi Arabia

 LITS SERVICES, a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner in Saudi Arabia, helps you streamline and optimize HR activities through the proper implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Our team of skilled D365 HR consultants possesses extensive knowledge of your business, allowing us to configure and implement a solution that creates positive work culture and elevates employee experiences.

The ultimate HR solution easily adapts to your changing needs, simplifying HR operations and increasing organizational agility. Moreover, depending on your needs, they integrate with D365 add-ons or third-party apps to extend the capabilities of the application. We ensure that the solution can have a positive impact on your business with better outcomes.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

 Improved employee experiences: D365 HR provides self-service capability that allows employees to access personal information, submit leave requests, view time-off balances, access their profiles and more.

Enhanced Manager Productivity: Self-service capability in D365 HR enables managers to efficiently manage and complete HR tasks, reduce employee waiting times and increase overall productivity.

Benefit Programs Management: D365 HR provides a centralized workspace to define and simplify several types of benefit programs such as health insurance, training, and wellness programs, and more.

Simplify Talent Hiring: HR teams can simplify the hiring process by utilizing recruitment and talent management tools, helping you attract and retain top talents for organizational growth.

Performance Insights: Performance insights allow HR teams to identify top-performing employees and make confident decisions for talent development.

Seamless Integration: Easy integration with Microsoft productivity tools helps you automate HR processes, improve communication, create custom apps, gain insights and more.

Scalability and Flexibility: D365 HR is scalable, meaning it grows with your business. Customization allows you to tailor the solution to your specific requirements, ensuring flexibility.

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Dynamics 365 Human Resources Pricing and LITS SERVICES support

 Microsoft provides different D365 HR licensing plans to suit different organizational needs. As your trusted Microsoft Partner in Saudi, our team of Dynamics 365 consultants is committed to assisting you in selecting the HR plan and add-ons that best align with your HR goals.

Whether it is customization, integration, implementation, support, or user training, our experts provide comprehensive services to ensure a seamless adoption of Dynamics 365 Human Resources within your organization.

Why LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 Human Resources in Saudi Arabia?

At LITS SERVICES, we adhere to a proactive approach in line with Microsoft’s recommended standards while deploying Dynamics 365 Human Resources in Saudi.

Our professionals are well-versed in deploying tailored solutions that fully comply with Saudi laws and regulations. Leveraging our extensive experience in implementing Dynamics 365 across various industries, we ensure precise configuration, customization, integration, and deployment of D365 HR to maximize its benefits for your organization.

Simplify HR processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources in Saudi Arabia.

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