Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
Power Virtual Agents, your team can easily create chatbots without any technical expertise.
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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

 Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, a part of Power Platform is a no-code solution to create intelligent chatbots. Chatbots can be used to answer questions from customers, employees, or visitors to websites. Besides enhancing the self-service capabilities, chatbots reduce user workloads, and help to increase productivity and customer engagement.

Power Virtual Agents is available as both an individual app within Microsoft Teams, and as a stand-alone web application. You can choose the version depending on your business requirements. To know more about the deployment options, you can get the help from the trusted Microsoft Partner, LITS SERVICES.

At LITS SERVICES, our professionals help you deploy Power Virtual Agents. LITS SERVICES is a valued Microsoft Partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan and other regions of MENA.

Empower your business with Power Virtual Agents bots

Power Virtual Agents provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface which your teams, regardless of their technical ability, can use to build intelligent chatbots.

Using pre-built connectors that are available with Power Virtual Agents, you can easily integrate chatbots to your websites, social media platforms, Microsoft Teams, and your other business apps.

Search and find records, personalize conversations using natural language understanding and transfer conversations to live agents. You can create custom workflows using Power Automate or use pre-built connectors to integrate with back-end systems and services.

You can create chatbots based on topics and improve performance of chatbots using AI-driven insights. This helps you provide best experience to customers.

Power Virtual Agents in Microsoft Teams

With Power Virtual Agents app available in Microsoft Teams, you can create your own chatbots to facilitate easy communication among team members or other employees. The Power Virtual Agents app in Microsoft Teams is easy to achieve any scenario that arise within your enterprise. If your purpose is to make interaction with customers outside organization, you can deploy the web version.

Power Virtual Agents web app

With Power Virtual Agents, your team can easily create chatbots without any technical expertise or coding or AI (Artificial Intelligence) knowledge. You can automate common enquiries, save your employee time and reduce costs. Improve customer satisfaction by letting customers use the self-service chatbots 24 x 7. Resolve issues quickly with rich bot conversations.

You can create chatbots using Power virtual Agents and embed it into your products and services in quick time with few clicks. You can simply create conversation of your choice using the graphical editor and your bot is all set to handle customer queries.

Power Virtual Agents works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CRM to deliver a comprehensive view of your customer service operations.

Get guidance on Power Virtual Agents from our professionals

We help you leverage several advanced features to extend the capabilities of your chat conversations. Get expert help from LITS SERVICES to take advantage of Power Virtual Agents to create smart chatbots. As the recognized Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan etc., our consultants provide expert guidance on deploying Power Virtual Agents within your business.

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Microsoft Power Virtual Agent FAQ

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agent?

xMicrosoft Power Virtual Agents is a chatbot development platform that enables you to create intelligent chatbots. It helps improve the self-service capabilities, reduce the customer service workload and ensure improved customer engagement and satisfaction. With Power Virtual Agents, you can create customizable chatbots for both customers and employees.

What benefit do you get using Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents helps you find answers to common customer facing issues. By allowing the creation of chatbots, customer service jobs can be optimized to a greater extent. Benefits are many, increased productivity, reduced customer waiting time, improved customer satisfaction etc.

What are the licensing plans of Power Virtual Agent?

Power Virtual Agent is available as a standalone web app as well as separate app within Microsoft Teams. Power Virtual Agents for Teams allows customers to create conversational interfaces in Microsoft Teams. The chatbots can be connected to various data sources using standard connectors.

Is Power Virtual Agent part of Microsoft 365?

Power Virtual Agents is an application in Microsoft 365.

Is Power Virtual Agents free?

A free trial of Power Virtual Agents is available for 60 days. You can try out all the capabilities. Standalone Power Virtual Agents allows you to create chatbots on any channel and connect to data using connectors.

What are the features of Power Virtual Agents?
  • AI capabilities: develop personalized and natural conversations to help customers
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams
  • Reduce the burden of customer service agents
  • Analytics of chat records, engagement and customer satisfaction
What can I use Chatbots for?
  • Employee help desk service
  • Help desk automation
  • Enterprise or intranet search
  • Learning and development
  • Provide assistance to customers
Do I need coding experience to create chatbots using Power Virtual Agents?

No, you do not need coding knowledge to create chatbots using Power Virtual Agents. Power Virtual Agents enables non-technical teams to create bots without having to go for technical coding.

How can I buy Microsoft Power Virtual Agents ?

Power Virtual Agents is available as part of Microsoft Power Platform. If you want to know about the various licensing options for Power Virtual Agents, consult with a Microsoft Partner. Their experts help you choose the right licensing plan that best fits your business needs.

The advantage of experienced Microsoft  partners would be that they follow a proactive approach to ensure that the solution can helps you drive business success with enhanced growth, productivity and revenue.